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7 Houston pallet firm officials face immigration charges

Seven executives and managers at IFCO, a Houston-based pallet company, were charged Friday with conspiring between 2003 and 2006 to harbor illegal immigrants.

In April 2006, immigration agents raided 40 IFCO pallet plants in 26 states and detained 1,182 undocumented workers. Two of the seven officials charged Friday were Spring residents Christopher Tiesman, 40, the senior vice president of finance and accounting; and Kenneth Gines Jr., 51, controller for pallet services.

Tiesman and Gines, along with two other top-level IFCO executives, are charged “in a related conspiracy to defraud the Internal Revenue Service and the Social Security Administration by submitting false payroll-related information to those agencies, and to facilitate the misuse of Social Security numbers by IFCO employees,” said a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Albany, N.Y.  From


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Two Illegals Arrested in Ohio County

WHEELING — 130….that’s the total of illegal immigrants caught by the Ohio County Sheriff’s Department since 2005.

Two more were arrested early Friday morning after a traffic stop on Interstate 470, and one was already a wanted man.

Ohio County Sgt. Nelson Croft pulled over a tractor trailer near the Elm Grove exit because of missing lights and speed.

Sgt. Croft found two men illegally in the country from Guatemala and the man driving was a German National.  More HERE

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Arizona Sheriff’s Sweeps on Solid Legal Ground


Maricopa County’s top prosecutor said Tuesday that the sheriff recent high-profile sweeps in metropolitan Phoenix were legal if his officers followed rules prohibiting racial profiling and unwarranted traffic stops.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has drawn criticism that the sweeps in three heavily Hispanic areas during late March and early April were thinly veiled immigration patrols fraught with racial profiling.

The sweeps led Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon to request a federal investigation of Arpaio for possible civil rights violations. The U.S. Justice Department has declined to comment on the request. More from

Good for Sheriff Joe! Besides, stands to reason if you are in a primarily Hispanic neighborhood, you will pick up a majority of Hispanics.

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Illegal Mexicans obtain ID cards from Mexico’s Officials in Carpentersville IL

Written by Dan of the Chicago Minutemen (used with permission)

”They” don’t obtain ”official documents” before hand to prove ‘they’ are Mexicans (like a passport). They throw away their Mexican driver’s licenses and telling IDs before sneaking across the USA border. This way they cannot be ID’d in USA as a Mexican when ‘illegally’ sneaking across US borders in to USA and sneaking (ten in a truck) into the Sanctuary State Of ILLINOIS.. and living here ILLEGALLY and enroll their children as students…

AS A REWARD: they get a visit from the Mexican national officials here in a Catholic church who give them ”official Mexican” ID cards.

SEE: Continue reading

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How Politicians Are Stealing Your Money

By JR Dieckmann

Did you know that the House of Pelosi just voted in favor of spending $50 billion of your money on AIDS patients in Africa? That’s right. In a vote of 308 to 116, the House of Pelosi this week decided that caring for AIDS patients in Africa was more important than reducing the budget deficit and limiting our national debt.

But with the expectation that Clinton or Obama will win the next presidency, and with a Democrat controlled Congress, Americans won’t be left out. They intend to spend 100 times that amount on their socialized healthcare programs. All of this spending will have to be paid by our children and our grandchildren and their children since it’s all being done with money we don’t have. Congress seems to think that managing the federal budget is nothing more than a game of Monopoly. When they lose or give up their seats in Congress, the just get up and walk away with no regrets.
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Two Middle Eastern Illegal Aliens Found in Mississippi

A Mississippi-based immigration activist is appalled that potential terrorists were among a group of illegal aliens apprehended by federal agents in a sting operation along Interstate 20 in the Magnolia State.

Operation Uniforce was conducted during a two-week period this month by a special Border Patrol task force targeting I-20 because federal agents believe it is a new corridor for smugglers to ferry illegal aliens to the East Coast. A similar operation was conducted on I-10 last year at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Mobile, Alabama. According to the Border Patrol, greater scrutiny of the I-10 corridor prompted smugglers to move further inland to I-20 — which is 800 miles from the Mexican border.   More from OneNewsNow

Another reason to secure our borders.  We have been saying for a long time there are more coming over than Juan wanting to pick tomatoes in Bradley County. 


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Laredo Trucks Drivers, Others Charged in Massive Human Smuggling Scheme


They are believed to have smuggled hundreds of illegal immigrants into the United States but now, 41 truck drivers, guides, brokers, recruiters and smuggling leaders are facing criminal charges.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) special agents started the investigation in Laredo but made the arrests across several American cities over the last seven weeks.

Investigators said the group used truck drivers to smuggle at least 376 illegal immigrants from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras into the United States.

Most of the immigrants were discovered tractor trailers and attempting to pass through different checkpoints in and around Laredo.  More from KGBT

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Texas Undercover Operation Targets Day Laborers


Undercover Lewisville police officers are posing as contractors and cite workers who step off curbs to meet them in the street.

Video:Undercover Operation Targets Day Laborers

Local worker Jaime Carrera said out of the day laborers at Huffines Plaza, “probably everybody” will run to a truck that pulls up “just to see what’s going on.”   More from

This is great work by the undercover officers.  However, the irony of it all?  The nineteen arrested have not been deported because some bleeding heart judge released them before immigration got involved.   One six of the arrested had legal identification.  The others….. who knows WHO they are…..  As long as we have judges continue to practice “catch and release”, we will never get a handle on who is in the country.


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Ga. police bust human smuggling ring

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — For the second time in a month, a routine police traffic stop on I-85 has led police to the discovery of human smuggling.

On Monday, Gwinnett police officers stopped a 2001 Chevrolet van with Texas license plates traveling north on I-85 at Buford Drive because its windows were tinted darker than the legal limit.

The driver allegedly had a suspended license, but that was the least of his problems.  More from Police One

His “problem”?  He had 19 illegal aliens stuffed in his van.  The men, women and children were being smuggled from Dallas to New York.  All were taken into custody.


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BP nabs 70 in area house; seizes pot during I-19 stop

Agents found 70 individuals, who reportedly entered the United States illegally, holed up in this small home on Camino Kansas on the southwest side of Rio Rico.   From Nogales International

The article futher states that about three hours later, a large pot seizure was made at the Interstate 19 checkpoint. A Border Patrol agent also assigned to the Nogales station, with the help of his canine partner, discovered that a red tractor-trailer carrying vegetables had 78 bundles of marijuana concealed in the cargo. The bundles weighed nearly 1,700 pounds and were transferred to custody of the Drug Enforcement Administration along with the driver for prosecution.

Hats off to the Border Patrol for a great job!


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