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Ray LaHood sworn in as secretary of transportation


WASHINGTON — Ray H. LaHood was sworn in as Secretary of Transportation Friday, just one day after being unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate.  

The ceremony was small, attended by his wife Kathy and son Sam.  

Also present were fellow Illinoisan Sen. Richard J. Durbin, assistant majority leader and a small audience of LaHood’s new staff and members of the Department of Transportation transition team.  More from The Trucker

The appointment has one of the few bright spots in the new administration.  The Trucker article states:

Rep. Byron Dorgan, D.-N.D., made it clear during the committee confirmation hearing Jan. 21 that he expects LaHood, a Republican, to kill the Cross Border Demonstration Project within two months.

Let’s hope LaHood makes good on that projection and kills the Mexican truck pilot program. 

Ode to Juan and Moe – cowritten by ATAW commander-and-chief, Mark R. Taylor, performed by Truck It Records’ (and ATAW favorite recording artist), Joey Holiday.

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Border Patrol Agents Seize 4 Tons of Marijuana

Laredo, Texas — Border Patrol agents assigned to the Laredo North station disrupted an effort to smuggle 7,828 pounds of marijuana today.

“Our agents remain vigilant in employing all available resources to keep drug and alien smugglers from succeeding,” said Laredo Sector Chief Patrol Agent Carlos X. Carrillo.

Agents manning the checkpoint located on Interstate 35 north of Laredo conducted an immigration inspection of the driver of a tractor-trailer. A Border Patrol canine alerted agents to the trailer, indicating the possible presence of people or contraband.  More from

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ATAW Exlcusive: The Super-Corridor is a reality

By Michael Carl

The stories are many. A super highway connecting Mexico to Canada through the heartland of the United States has been the subject of debate, discussion and rumour.

A statement on the “NASCO Speaks Out” page of the organisation’s web site observes, “NASCO (the North American Super-corridor Coalition, Inc.) was founded in 1994 as the ‘I-35 Corridor Coalition.’ At that time, we focused entirely on I-35 in Texas . We were founded in north Texas at about the same time as NAFTA was enacted, because certain urban sections of I-35 already were beyond designed capacity, and we knew it was only going to get worse.”

Frank Conde, who sometimes goes by Francisco Conde, is the Special Projects and Communications Director for NASCO, and he said that his group is concerned about I-35, but they’re also concerned about other interstate systems as well. Continue reading

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Ode to Juan and Moe

“Ode to Juan and Moe” performed by Truck It Records’ Joey Holiday for

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Officials: X-Ray Leads To Pot Bust

Drugs Worth Over $300K, Officials Say

CALEXICO, Calif. — U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized 754 pounds of marijuana they said was hidden inside a load of concrete products.

It happened Monday night at the Calexico east port of entry.

According to officials, the driver of the Freightliner tractor-trailer was referred to the cargo dock for inspection as it entered the port from Mexico at about 7 p.m. after an X-ray examination raised the officers’ suspicions. A narcotics dog alerted officers to the truck’s trailer.

Officials said they unloaded the concrete items, which included artistic columns, drinking fountains and plant pots. Inside, Customs and Border Protection officers said they found 69 wrapped bundles of marijuana, some of which were hidden inside the stone items.

The 24-year-old truck driver, a resident of Mexicali, was detained and the drugs were seized.  From NBCSanDiego

Just hauling the pot American truckers won’t?


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More ramblings and excuses from Mary Peters

U.S. Transportation Secretary Peters Says Cross Border Trucking is Essential for Colorado’s Booming Agricultural Exports

Efforts in Washington to end a program that permits U.S. truckers to deliver goods directly into Mexico would hurt Colorado’s farmers and ranchers, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary E. Peters said today during a visit to a meat packing plant in Denver.

Secretary Peters said a new federal trucking demonstration project to allow U.S. companies and U.S. drivers to make deliveries in Mexico for the first time ever is making it easier and less costly for states like Colorado to export goods to the country’s third largest trading partner.  However, she warned that efforts by some groups to deny U.S. truckers access to Mexico would delay deliveries of agricultural products and needlessly raise the cost of shipments.

“We should be looking for every opportunity to open new markets for our drivers, to find new buyers for our products and encourage new consumers for our produce,” said Secretary Peters.  “People may pay a premium for 18-day dry aged steaks,   but no one is going to pay a premium for steaks aged on an 18 wheeler.”

Secretary Peters noted that Colorado alone exports over $356 million a year worth of products to Mexico, including meat, soy, wheat, onions and beans.  She added that a broad coalition of organizations representing many of the nation’s manufacturers, growers and ranchers, including the Denver-based Colorado Farm Bureau, support the Department’s Cross-Border Trucking Demonstration Project and are calling on Congress to allow it to continue.

“Our drivers and our workers don’t deserve a timeout from hope, success and prosperity,” the Secretary said.  “This is no time to let the politics of pessimism dim the promise of prosperity for hundreds of thousands of American drivers, growers and ranchers.”

Secretary Peters also said that safety is the Department’s number one priority and that a rigorous safety inspection plan and trained professionals are in place ensuring that every truck crossing the U.S. border as part of this project meets every U.S. safety standard.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, Where do your trucks want to go?  Not to Mexico!!!!  Ignoring the obvious – that American truckers are not beating her door down to drive into Mexico – Peters gave us this diatribe today.  Perhaps she should concern herself with the real problems facing the American trucker – high fuel, high tolls… maybe THEN we’ll discuss what the ransom will be for a kidnapped trucker and his truck/trailer after the gringo crosses into Mexico…… 


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Mexican truck drivers take English exam in Spanish

DOT chief’s admission to Senate panel contradicts administration’s assurances
Mexican truck drivers allowed to travel throughout the U.S. under a Bush administration demonstration project may not be proficient in English, despite Department of Transportation assurances to the contrary.
A brochure on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website instructs Mexican truck drivers, “Did you know … You MUST be able to read and speak English to drive trucks in the United States.” Still, at the Senate Commerce Committee oversight hearing Tuesday, Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters and DOT Inspector General Calvin L. Scovel III reluctantly admitted under intense questioning from Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., that Mexican drivers were being designated at the border as “proficient in English” even though they could explain U.S. traffic signs only in Spanish.  More from World Net Daily

Hey, Mary Peters – what part of “proficient in English” don’t you understand?


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Senator scolds DOT chief on Mexican trucks in U.S.

Tells defiant cabinet member in hearing, ‘Your arrogance will have consequences’

By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

A combative Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters was accused in a Senate hearing yesterday of defying a congressional vote to halt the Bush administration’s controversial project allowing Mexican trucks to operate freely on U.S. roads.

“I regret supporting your nomination to be secretary of transportation,” Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., told Peters. “Your legal counsel is giving you bad advice that unfortunately you have willingly accepted.”

Dorgan charged the Department of Transportation was “hell-bent on proceeding with this pilot program” regardless of safety concerns the agency’s inspector general continues to document. More from World Net Daily

Go get ‘er, Senator Dorgan!

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Transportation Department to WND: No admittance

The Department of Transportation today barred WND from attending a news conference in which Secretary Mary Peters defended the controversial Bush administration program allowing Mexican trucks to travel freely on U.S. roads.

Agency spokesman Duane DeBruyne, who was screening reporters at the security entrance of the federal building at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., said he did not have the authority to allow entry to WND senior staff writer Jerome Corsi, who has reported extensively on the program and attended other news conferences on the subject.

DeBruyne telephoned his supervisor, DOT spokeswoman Melissa DeLaney, who declined permission without explanation, requiring WND to leave the premises.

In a phone call to the DOT public affairs office, the agency explained it was requiring “press credentials” for admittance, and no one without them was allowed to participate.

The news conference was only for “credentialed members of the media,” spokesman Bill Moseley told WND. “There’s a specific credential. He did not have a media credential.”

And how can a reporter obtain such a credential providing permission to attend?

“I don’t know,” Moseley responded.

But Corsi said he was never asked to produce media credentials of any kind, noting he had a press ID card issued by WND. DeBruyne, Corsi said, immediately recognized him and apologetically explained the department would “not accept your press credentials.”   More from WorldNetDaily

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UPDATE: Peters makes plea for keeping Mexico truck program

The Trucker News Services

WASHINGTON — U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters today made a plea for keeping the Mexico truck program, saying that should Congress choose to end it, Mexico has the right under NAFTA to impose fees and tariffs on U.S. goods that will result in lost business and jobs.

At the meeting this morning Peters said a broad coalition of more than 69 U.S. companies and agri and business organizations support the project because of its benefits to U.S. expoerters who yearly ship billions of dollars worth of products and produce into Mexico.

“This is no time to let the politics of pessimism dim the promise of prosperity for hundreds of thousands of American drivers, growers and manufacturers. We should be looking for every chance to open new markets for our drivers, to find new buyers for our products and encourage new consumers for our produce,” Peters said.  More from The Trucker

Give it up, Mary…  The American trucker does not want this program.  CANACAR doesn’t want this program.  Congress doesn’t want this program.  The only ones who seem to want it are you and President Bush. 

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