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Mr. Bandit – Just in time for your holiday shopping


The BrickArms terrorist figure, Mr. Bandit  – becoming known as Osama bin Lego – is currently backordered according to their website.  However, they have a variety of other interesting offerings including “Spy Bond” complete with Uzi and American and German WW2 soldiers..    Don’t forget your weapons pack for each figure.

While the terrorist figure has created quite a stir in the Muslim world for “glorifying” terrorism, I think it would make a great target.  I wonder what a direct shot with my .22 would do to “Mr. Bandit”.  The front page of the BrickArms website has a Santa figure by his bright red tank…  Not your daddy’s Lego toys…….

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Attention North Texas Gun Owners!

An important announcement from our friends at

We’re inviting local all Dallas-area gun owners to join us on Saturday, December 6th.

We’re going to get together, get to know each other, get some chow in our bellies and get to enjoying some of our favorite toys while exercising some of our favorite constitutional rights. (Please note: range fees are on each individual.)


We’ll be there from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Feel free to come by whenever you like between those hours.

Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm
Location: Targetmaster
Street: 1717 S. Jupiter Road
City/Town: Garland, TX

Hope all our North Texas readers will have an opportunity to join the gathering!  I can think of no better way to spend an afternoon than good food, friends and shooting stuff….

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Upgrade problems

We have been “down” at various points as we attempt to move from to a WordPress blog on a new server. Needless to say, it doesn’t always work as planned.
Bear with us as we continue to undergo changes (unless I just say to heck with it and stay where we are at)…..

UPDATE:  We’ll stay here for now – I kind of like it here…. blogs DO have some limitations, but all things considered, we kind of like it here 🙂

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Parachuting Army Member Crashes Onto Roof

News Channel 6 helicopter at the scene in Deland, Florida.

News Channel 6 helicopter at the scene in Deland, Florida.

DeLAND, Fla. — A member of the Qatar Army participating in parachute training made a hard landing on the roof of a business, an official said.


Salem Mohamed, 30, landed atop Advanced Manufacturing and Power, located at 1965 Bennett Drive around 11 a.m. and suffered minor injuries, Mike Johnston of Skydive DeLand said. His intended landing spot was at the DeLand Municipal Airport, about a mile away, Johnston said.


Paramedics carried Mohamed off the roof, and he was taken to a nearby hospital.  From NewsChannel6

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WordPress ate my sidebars….

Well, maybe not.. However, we are experiencing some technical difficulties as I try to figure out why our sidebars moved to the bottom of the page. I’ll be working throughout the evening to get ATAW back to normal!

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Experience Counts

The Presidential election was too close to call. Neither the Republican candidate nor the Democratic candidate had enough votes to win. There was much talk about ballot recounting, court challenges, etc., but a week-long ice fishing competition seemed the sportsmanlike way to settle things. The candidate that caught the most fish at the end of the week would win the election.

Therefore, it was decided that there should be an ice fishing contest between the two candidates to determine the winner.

After much back and forth discussion, it was decided that the contest take place on a
remote frozen lake in northern Minnesota.

There were to be no observers present, and both men were to be sent out separately on this
isolated lake and return at 5 P.M. with their catch for counting and verification by a team of neutral parties. At the end of the first day, John McCain returned to the starting line and he had ten

Soon, Obama returned and had no fish. Well, everyone assumed he was just having another ‘bad
hair’ day or something and hopefully, he would catch up the next day.

At the end of the 2nd day John McCain came in with 20 fish and Obama came in again with none.

That evening, Harry Reid got together secretly with Obama and said, ‘Obama, I think John McCain is a low-life, cheatin’ son-of-a-gun. I want you to go out tomorrow and don’t even bother with fishing. Just spy on him and see just how he is cheating.’

The next night (after John McCain returns with 50 fish), Harry asked Obama, ‘Well, tell me, how is John McCain cheating?’

Obama replied, ‘Harry, you’re not going to believe this, but he’s cutting holes in the ice.’

Experience Counts

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Exclusive: Indoctrination in Public Schools Leads to Rise in Home Schooling

It’s that time of year again as parents scramble to pick up the necessary supplies to send with their children as they are bussed off to the public school (I call them government indoctrination centers) across town. Unlike years ago, when our parents sent us to school with a notebook for each class, a couple of pencils and our lunch money, today’s child will lug clear or mesh backpacks filled with such necessities as liquid anti-bacterial hand soap, boxes of baby wipes and, in the case of Hermitage Elementary School in Hermitage, Arkansas, their first graders will supply two rolls of paper towels and a 50 count pack of clear sheet protectors each. 
The lists this year at our local schools here in Arkansas for each student include a wide variety of products necessary for your child to complete his or her school work. I have not quite understood the need for a kindergarten boy to provide a box of gallon Ziploc bags or a kindergarten girl to provide a box of pint sized Ziploc bags (brand names only, please) or a second grade boy to provide a package of construction paper while second grade girls provide a pack of white computer paper. Then again, in my “old fashioned” view of preparing for school, I cannot fathom why each first grade child must provide a package of red ink pens. Perhaps we parents are supplying the school system with supplies for all – communal property to be used by those who supply and those who do not (aka Communism/Marxism)? Eastside Elementary School in Warren, Arkansas, has the issue under control. For a fee of $17, their third graders will be provided with a “packet of supplies” from the school store, obviously to ensure each child’s supplies are identical. We cannot have one child with a blue pencil while another child has a boring, cheaper yellow one, now can we? The directive has been given, right down to what color notebook your child can own.  More from

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FBI Warns Against Internet Scams

The FBI has recently received reports of two scams circulating within Central Illinois . Consumers can avoid victimization through awareness, weeding out fraud before it takes root.

Fraudulent telemarketing scams are estimated to cost over 40 billion dollars a year. The Department of Justice estimates the number of American consumers defrauded each year by fraudulent telemarketing at one in six.

Phishing using automated telephone calls

One scam is a form of phishing which involves an automated telephone call that appears to originate from a financial institution. The recording requests the victim to enter his or her debit card number for the purpose of reactivating the debit card. Consumers should avoid providing personal information over the phone in response to an unsolicited telephone call. Like many phishing scams, the victim may not even have an account at the financial institution. However, if the scammer is successful in finding a handful of responsive victims who do have an account at the claimed bank, the scam will generate revenue. When in doubt, contact your bank in person, or at a number you know to be valid.

Nigerian Letter Variation

A second scheme recently reported involves another variation of the Nigerian letter scam. For years, letters appearing to originate from Nigeria have circulated through the mail, over fax machines, and over e-mail. These letters claim to come from a prominent individual or company with access to a substantial sum of money. The writer purports to need someone with a bank account outside Nigeria to facilitate recovery of this large sum of money.
The most recent Nigerian letter claims to be from the “Anti Terrorist & Monetory (sic) Crime Division.” As with most spam, the content contains elements which are indicative of fraud such as:

  • Multiple spelling errors;
  • Poor grammar;
  • Government agency names;
  • Names and titles of officials, to appear authentic.
  • If you have received a scam e-mail, please notify the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) by filing a complaint at For more information on e-scams, please visit the FBI’s New E-Scams and Warnings webpage. From the Springfield FBI

    You cannot be too careful. Play it safe. Don’t divulge credit/debit card information unless you know the person on the other line. Don’t click links on suspicious emails. Visit the FBI’s website and educate yourself against those wishing to scam you out of your hard earned money.

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    Quote of the Day

    “A great civillization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.” W. Durant

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    George Carlin Dies

    MyWay News is reporting the passing of George Carlin yesterday.  My favorite offering from Carlin was as “Fillmore”, the hippish VW bus in the movie, “Cars”, one of our family’s favorite movies.  However, I think Carlin asked an excellent question when he posed:

    “Why do they lock gas station bathrooms?” he once mused. “Are they afraid someone will clean them?”

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