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Exclusive: Book Review: ‘Sarah Takes on Big Oil’

When Alaska Governor Sarah Palin burst onto the national political scene during the 2008 Presidential election as Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s running mate, she captured the attention and imaginations of voters across the country. With her confidence and positive message for America, Gov. Palin breathed a breath of fresh air into the American political scene that left admirers and foes alike clamoring to know more. Even after the last vote was counted and the Palin family plane landed back home in Alaska, the fascination and desire for everything “Sarah” continues on.

It was the battle the feisty governor inherited from her predecessor and “Big Oil,” primarily BP, ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil that gave Petroleum News publisher and editor, Kay Cashman, the inspiration to write Sarah Takes on Big Oil. “I was researching for another project,” Cashman recently told, but found the new governor to be a reformer, a straight arrow, whose story compelled Cashman to change her course.

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Rush Limbaugh Talk About Post-Election Attacks On Governor Palin

Part One

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Governor Sarah Palin, our future vice president, speaks in Toledo, Ohio, on the important topic of energy independence.

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Pat Garrett sings his tribute to Gov. Sarah Palin in Moose Shootin’ Mama

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Sarah Palin on Glenn Beck

Who is Sarah Palin?  Reposting from June….

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