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Norad Tracks Santa

Christmas Eve is upon us and all the good boys and girls across the globe are anxiously awaiting Santa’s arrival.

The wonderful men and women at NORAD have been tracking Santa for many years.  Check for updates into the night at NORAD Tracks Santa.  I wonder if they pulled Col. O’Neal off assignment with SG-1 to assist……

To our deer hunters out there, remember – if it flies, it’s probably one of Santa’s….  Don’t shoot! 🙂


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Noise violators in Fort Lupton sentenced to listen to Barry Manilow

— Barry Manilow’s “I Write the Songs” may begin with the line, “I’ve been alive forever,'” but for noise ordinance violators, listening to Manilow may feel like forever.

Fort Lupton Municipal Judge Paul Sacco says his novel punishment of forcing noise violators to listen to music they don’t like for one hour has cut down on the number of repeat offenders in this northwestern Colorado prairie town.

About four times a year, those guilty of noise ordinance violations are required to sit in a room and listen to music from the likes of Manilow, Barney the Dinosaur, and The Platters’ crooning “Only You”

“These people should have to listen to music they don’t like,” said Judge Paul Sacco for a segment about the program that aired Friday on Denver’s KUSA-TV.  More from the Rocky Mountain News

I’m going out on a limb here, without consulting with our ATAW Commander, and posting seven minutes of Barry Manilow’s “Could it be Magic” – beautiful music or torture?  I’ll let our readers decide.  It COULD be worse, you know.  They could get six hours of continuous ABBA…

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Gas thieves use cigarette lighter at the wrong time

GRAND JUNCTION – The sheriff’s office says two men trying to steal gas from a boat instead started a fire.

The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office says Cody Sellards and Timothy Long tried to steal gas from Hank Ibarra’s boat early Friday morning.

“They were looking inside the gas can to see how much room, or how full the gas can was of gas,” said Heather Benjamin, spokesperson for the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office. “They looked into it with a cigarette lighter and the fumes caught on fire.” More from 9News

File this under “Stupid Criminals”.

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ATAW’s Mark Taylor joins Keith and Gail on 600KCOL

ATAW’s Mark R. Taylor joined Keith and Gail this morning on 600 KCOL – Loveland, Colorado, this morning to discuss his latest Family Security Matters article, If the American Trucker Fails, So Will the Nation.

Keith and Gail talked to several truckers regarding the issues facing us regarding high fuel costs and searching for solutions.  Click here to listen to Keith and Gail – Mark is on hour 4.

Many thanks to Keith and Gail for a great program!


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Cops Bust Suspected Drug Dealers, 600 Lbs Pot Seized

Two men are behind bars tonight after cops uncover hundreds of pounds of marijuana at the state border.

Drug Task Force officials busted the pair at the Loma port of entry around one o’clock yesterday afternoon.

Local Drug Task Force Officers got a call reporting suspicious activity surrounding a truck at Western Colorado’s check-in point.   More from KREXTV

The pot was found in a hidden wall of the trailer.  Christopher Johnson and Nathan McRae, both of Michigan, were arrested for importing drugs.  The story further states the police found receipts in McRae’s pocket from Arizona cities close to the Mexican border.

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More ramblings and excuses from Mary Peters

U.S. Transportation Secretary Peters Says Cross Border Trucking is Essential for Colorado’s Booming Agricultural Exports

Efforts in Washington to end a program that permits U.S. truckers to deliver goods directly into Mexico would hurt Colorado’s farmers and ranchers, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary E. Peters said today during a visit to a meat packing plant in Denver.

Secretary Peters said a new federal trucking demonstration project to allow U.S. companies and U.S. drivers to make deliveries in Mexico for the first time ever is making it easier and less costly for states like Colorado to export goods to the country’s third largest trading partner.  However, she warned that efforts by some groups to deny U.S. truckers access to Mexico would delay deliveries of agricultural products and needlessly raise the cost of shipments.

“We should be looking for every opportunity to open new markets for our drivers, to find new buyers for our products and encourage new consumers for our produce,” said Secretary Peters.  “People may pay a premium for 18-day dry aged steaks,   but no one is going to pay a premium for steaks aged on an 18 wheeler.”

Secretary Peters noted that Colorado alone exports over $356 million a year worth of products to Mexico, including meat, soy, wheat, onions and beans.  She added that a broad coalition of organizations representing many of the nation’s manufacturers, growers and ranchers, including the Denver-based Colorado Farm Bureau, support the Department’s Cross-Border Trucking Demonstration Project and are calling on Congress to allow it to continue.

“Our drivers and our workers don’t deserve a timeout from hope, success and prosperity,” the Secretary said.  “This is no time to let the politics of pessimism dim the promise of prosperity for hundreds of thousands of American drivers, growers and ranchers.”

Secretary Peters also said that safety is the Department’s number one priority and that a rigorous safety inspection plan and trained professionals are in place ensuring that every truck crossing the U.S. border as part of this project meets every U.S. safety standard.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, Where do your trucks want to go?  Not to Mexico!!!!  Ignoring the obvious – that American truckers are not beating her door down to drive into Mexico – Peters gave us this diatribe today.  Perhaps she should concern herself with the real problems facing the American trucker – high fuel, high tolls… maybe THEN we’ll discuss what the ransom will be for a kidnapped trucker and his truck/trailer after the gringo crosses into Mexico…… 


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