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Glenn Beck – Road to Socialism

Listen up, folks…  Glenn Beck tells it like it is and what is to come…

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The New Dictator In Washington Will Change America

By JR Dieckmann

The Democrats’ answer to government overspending and overextended credit is more overspending and overextended credit. Obama now wants another trillion dollars in stimulus money to use as he sees fit. The federal government is trying to buy the free enterprise system, lock, stock, and barrel from the private sector, so that politicians can run and control it just like they do in Communist countries. They are forcing bailout (buyout) money on companies and banks who don’t even need it or want it – to gain control of those companies and banks.

In response to the mortgage meltdown and economic recession, a majority of voters voted for Democrats, the very same people who caused the problem that started with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and liberal mortgage lending policies of the Clinton administration. The Democrats’ solution to the problem is more of the same liberal spending and lending policies that got us into the financial mess in the first place. We all will be suffering the consequences of that vote.

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The Evolution of Liberalism

J. D. Pendry

I just returned from a two-week trip to Korea. My jets are still lagging, which might explain why I was wide-awake at 0300. If my jet lag runs its typical course, I should be sleeping soundly somewhere mid-sermon.

Korea is an interesting place and an interesting lesson. My history there goes back to 1972 when I was an Army Private in I Corps stationed at Camp Red Cloud in Uijongbu, Korea. Uijongbu is just down the road a piece from communist North Korea and the world’s most heavily fortified and defended border along the 38th latitudinal parallel north, which if your curious about such things also passes through Wild Wonderful West Virginia where I sit this early Sunday morning. Although today’s average public school product probably could not tell you this, the Korean War never ended officially. There exists only a cease-fire. In 1972, dirt streets and roads were common to many areas. Most Koreans had neither a telephone nor a car. Women wading through the flooded paddies mostly planted rice by hand. In the countryside, thatched roofs were common and many rural areas still had no electricity.  More from JD Pendry HERE

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Hail Hitler, Hail Obama

Yes, the election is over, which makes messages from Rev. Manning even more important.

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We Just Don’t Seem to Remember…

Associate Professor of Public Policy at Pepperdine University

It was just under 19 years ago that the Berlin Wall came down and the last official vestiges of Soviet-led communism seemed to disappear. Even Maoist China began to open its doors and markets to trade, signaling the final defeat of this blight on the world’s history. The world, and Americans, thought that victory was in reach. But something happened on the way to the final victory—we forgot. We have forgotten that government is not the best arbitrator of the complex negotiations necessary to allow fair exchanges between individuals.

We have forgotten the discipline of putting community and the nation ahead of ourselves and our rights in order to show down evil. We have forgotten that government redistribution creates perverse incentives that undermine opportunity and freedom and eventually the very framework of social order. We have forgotten that rights, such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion, come at a price and a sacrifice.

Most critically, we have forgotten that Karl Marx’s words “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” became the rallying cry to a regime and government that killed tens of millions of its own citizens and imprisoned many more—a government that bankrupted its people in order to spread, through military force, its corruption and influence around the globe.  More from Fox and Hounds Daily 

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Stalin’s Comeback

Many observers were shocked earlier this year when, in an online poll to name Russia’s greatest man, Joseph Stalin seized an early lead among Russians. The former mass murderer would have come out on top had not the poll’s administrators cut his votes in half after blaming cyberspace shenanigans. It is difficult to say whether or not their claim was true. But even with his share halved, Stalin still managed to take twelfth place. Stalin’s strong showing is remarkable for many reasons, not least of which is his direct culpability in the deaths and torture of millions of his country’s citizens during his long reign of terror.

The poll, however, is only a symptom of a larger troubling trend. In recent years, certain quarters of Russian society have been increasingly nostalgic about the Soviet era. In no small measure, the rise of such sentiments is due to the efforts of the Putin government, which seeks to actively rehabilitate various aspects of the country’s communist past.

In November of last year, Putin posthumously bestowed Russia’s highest honorary title, Hero of the Russian Federation, on George Koval. Although few have heard his name, many in the intelligence community view him as the most important Cold War spy. Born in 1913 in Iowa to parents from Belarus, Koval infiltrated the Manhattan Project and passed crucial information to Moscow concerning the atomic bomb. In the statement announcing the award, Vladimir Putin said that Koval’s work “helped speed up considerably the time it took for the Soviet Union to develop an atomic bomb of its own.  More from FrontPageMagazine

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Exclusive: A Marriage of Convenience: Obama, the Left and Radical Islam

Alex Alexiev

As we enter the home stretch of the 2008 presidential election, new revelations about Barack Obama’s harshly critical views of the U.S. Constitution for not providing for wealth distribution have again raised concerns as to whether the American people may be about to elect the first radical Leftist if not outright socialist president in the republic’s history. This hugely troubling possibility, were it to happen, would mark yet another historical watershed that’s mentioned less often – the de facto alliance between the Left and radical Islam in American politics.  Full article here

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Obama admits to wealth redistribution.

This is Marxism pure and simple.  If you did not read The Communist Manifesto in high school, I encourage you to do it now.  Striking similarities to the platform of Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat Party.

Do you want to continue living in a capitalist country where you work hard to support your family or do you want a failed system that is Communism – where you are forced to give your hard earned paycheck to those who did not in the interest of “fairness”.

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Comrades! More from Glenn and Jon

A fantastic clip of Jon Voight with Glenn Beck.

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Exclusive: Indoctrination in Public Schools Leads to Rise in Home Schooling

It’s that time of year again as parents scramble to pick up the necessary supplies to send with their children as they are bussed off to the public school (I call them government indoctrination centers) across town. Unlike years ago, when our parents sent us to school with a notebook for each class, a couple of pencils and our lunch money, today’s child will lug clear or mesh backpacks filled with such necessities as liquid anti-bacterial hand soap, boxes of baby wipes and, in the case of Hermitage Elementary School in Hermitage, Arkansas, their first graders will supply two rolls of paper towels and a 50 count pack of clear sheet protectors each. 
The lists this year at our local schools here in Arkansas for each student include a wide variety of products necessary for your child to complete his or her school work. I have not quite understood the need for a kindergarten boy to provide a box of gallon Ziploc bags or a kindergarten girl to provide a box of pint sized Ziploc bags (brand names only, please) or a second grade boy to provide a package of construction paper while second grade girls provide a pack of white computer paper. Then again, in my “old fashioned” view of preparing for school, I cannot fathom why each first grade child must provide a package of red ink pens. Perhaps we parents are supplying the school system with supplies for all – communal property to be used by those who supply and those who do not (aka Communism/Marxism)? Eastside Elementary School in Warren, Arkansas, has the issue under control. For a fee of $17, their third graders will be provided with a “packet of supplies” from the school store, obviously to ensure each child’s supplies are identical. We cannot have one child with a blue pencil while another child has a boring, cheaper yellow one, now can we? The directive has been given, right down to what color notebook your child can own.  More from

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