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The Captain’s AMERICA Radio Show For Feb.5th


Tune in today to hear special guest Debra Argel who is a member of the
Special Operations Warriors Foundation. Debra lost her son in Iraq in
2005 and has been both help and is a helper of the SOWF

We talk about the mission and the programs offerred by SOWF to our
Military Troops and their Families…

You’ll also hear the latest from FOX and Israeli News letting you know
all the latest going on in the World around you…

Follow that up with the latest on the Global War on Terror from the
Dept. of Defense and our “Heroes Segment” where another brave
Military person is honored for service ‘above and beyond the call of

We have another Business News segment letting you know how the
Business sector and Stock Market is reacting to our most recent
economical news…

We finish up with ‘The Captain’ talking about the current status of
the Economic Stimulous Package now in the U.S. Senate and what will
‘probably’ happen to it so it gains passage in the Senate. One thing
IS for sure, there WILL be an Economic Stimulous Package PASSED by the
Congress and signed by Pres. Barack Obama BEFORE the end of the Month
of February. The only question is, “how much PORK will be cut out of

God Bless America and ALL those who defend, protect and serve her
keeping all of us free and safe…

‘The Captain’


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Here Comes The BARF

Why creating a Bad Asset Repository Fund for Wall Street’s toxic assets could make banking even sicker.

First there was TARP. Get ready for BARF.

They haven’t named it that yet, but calling a federal “bad bank” to soak up toxic assets the Bad Asset Repository Fund would be truth in advertising at least. Despite Washington’s renewed enthusiasm for the idea, there is a strong case to be made against it.

The problem boils down to bank profitability, which is depleted, and the industry’s ability and willingness to lend. Offloading the worst assets into an aggregator fund would still leave banks with loan books under pressure from rising defaults. Banks would still be forced to build reserves at a time when their earnings power is reduced, and that earnings power would only shrink more with a smaller asset base.  More HERE


We at ATAW realize conservative capitalists will have a difficult time stomaching BARF and present the official Presidential BARF bag – originally created for the Inauguration and debuted at BlogmeisterUSA, it looks like we’ll have to have a large supply of BARF bags around….

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Contact Congress NOW!

The House is preparing to vote on the massive 647-page “economic stimulus” package which is paid for with your tax dollars, your children’s tax dollars and your grandchildren’s tax dollars some time today.

If you do not wish to see your money going to pay for global warming research, ACORN and a laundry list of other special interests, call your representative today and tell him or her to vote NO!  Find your representative and senators HERE

The best economic stimulus is to let individuals and businesses keep their own money to invest how they see fit.  It is obvious that Washington hasn’t a clue…..

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The Captain’s AMERICA Radio Show For Jan. 8th


Tune in today to hear the latest survey opinion on the approval/
disapproval ratings of Pres-Elect Barack Obama, Pres. George Bush and
the Congress…

You’ll also hear the latest from FOX News and INN straight from the
Gaza Strip War Zone. What you’ll hear being discussed here is NOT what
you’re hearing from the majority of our mainstream liberal news

We also talk about the Democrat’s ‘retreating’ in the IL. Senate-
Appointee Roland Burris seating issue as Sen. Majority Leader Harry
Reid and IL. Senior U.S. Senator Dick Durbin sat down with IL. Senate-
Appointee Burris yesterday…

Of course you’ll hear about the latest in the BCS National Title
Football Game tonight LIVE in Miami at Dolphin Stadium broadcast on
FOX. Tim Tebow vs Heismann Trophy Winner Sam Bradford in what promises
to be a GREAT College Football Game for ‘all the marble’ and the
National Title…

Get in on the fun and learn what others don’t want you to know about!
Tune in and become a regular listener to “The Captain’s AMERICA” Radio

God Bless America!

‘The Captain’


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LaHood Pick for Transportation Has Stakeholders Buzzing


Transportation stakeholders were caught off guard Wednesday by news that retiring Rep. Ray LaHood of Illinois, a centrist Republican who held a seat on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in the 1990s, will be the next Transportation secretary.

A senior Democrat confirmed Wednesday evening that LaHood would be President-elect Barack Obama ’s choice. Obama has a news conference scheduled for Thursday, but it is unclear if he will announce LaHood’s selection then. Obama’s transition team did not comment. Transportation Department nominations move through the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee.

Although LaHood has a reputation for crossing party aisles and supporting infrastructure investment, transportation advocates had been hoping for someone with a long resume in the sector who could elevate infrastructure issues to greater national prominence. In some transportation quarters, the choice was met with confusion at best, and disappointment at worst.  More HERE

Another inexperienced politico from Chicago tapped for the new administration.. 

Can the trucking and transportation industries afford this snake in Republican clothing?

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We Stink

J. D. Pendry

According to Democrat Senator Harry Reid we are little more than putrid peasants. On opening the new Capitol Visitor’s Center, the Senator was most grateful that he would no longer have to smell the Americans who wished to visit the palatial digs they paid for with their blood and tax dollars. Sadly, I fear Senator Reid is not alone in his aristocratic view of the peasantry.

Yes Senator Reid there is a stench emanating from Washington. I suggest that to locate the source of it, you begin searching in increasingly larger concentric circles around your own little piece of the Capitol building. The peasantry will have to tolerate Harry Reid et al as long as the people keep sending them back to Washington. Harry Reid is an insignificant man who, if history remembers him at all, will recall that he declared a victory in Iraq as a lost war and went on to lead the most ineffective and least popular Congress our nation has ever known.  More HERE

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The Captain’s AMERICA Radio Show For Nov. 26th

Listen HERE

Tune in today to hear former NY Congressman John LeBoutillier give his take on Politics and Barack Obama

What you will hear might be a ‘surprise’ to a lot of people as the former Congressman tosses in a couple of thoughts for people to ‘ponder’…

You’ll also hear more parodies that will make you laugh as ‘Turkey Day’ fast approaches…

Get in on the FUN and knowing what others won’t unless they tune in to “The Captain’s AMERICA” Radio Show…

‘The Captain’

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The Captain’s AMERICA Radio Show For Nov. 18th


Join ‘The Captain’ and today’s guest, Frank Salvato, Managing Editor of the New Media Journal as they start out talking about the $25 Billion ‘Big 3’ Auto Company bailout that just may not be a bailout.  Fact of the matter is that tens of thousands of emails, faxes and letters have been hitting the Congressional Offices telling Representatives NOT to give any of the $700 million Financial bailout money to the Auto makers…

Then you’ll hear discussion about what President-Elect Barack Obama ‘promised’ in order to get elected that will NOT happen and the reasons why they won’t…

Military news straight from the AOR, Terrorist news with those Somali ‘Pirates’ capturing 2 more ships in the Arabian Sea then highlight what Frank and ‘The Captain’ speak about…

You’ll then hear the new segment straight from Israel telling you what’s going on there in the Gaza Strip with Hamas ‘acting up’ again…

Add Scott Graves from Red telling us his Blog has been doing and you’ve got today’s show…

Get in on knowing what others won’t by listening to “The Captain’s AMERICA Radio Show”…

God Bless America!

‘The Captain’

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Spread the Wealth Around

Many thanks to Capt. Matt Bruce of The Captain’s America…  Let’s enjoy this while we can still laugh at it!

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Bush Bailout Derails Democrat Election Tactic

By:  JR Dieckmann

Why did so many Republicans vote for a socialist bailout bill that goes against everything Republicans have always stood for? More to the point, why did President Bush push this bill so hard and even refuse to consider any alternatives, such as bankruptcy or the alternate private sector market solution proposed by House Republicans?

Despite what the Democrats and their media have been trying to put over on the public, and in spite of a number of major threats to our country and the free market, the economy has been in relatively good condition throughout the Bush administration until now. Granted, President Bush’s methods of keeping the economy out of recession have driven up the national debt and served to keep an artificial bubble inflated, but the economy has stayed strong, up until now.

Is it really any coincidence that economic troubles always seem to pop up in an election year when a Republican president inhabits the White House? And each time, Democrats make the same claim; that it’s all the president’s fault and the answer is more socialism in America. It’s interesting to note however, that when you look below the surface, you usually find Democrats at the heart of the economic problem. Continue reading

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