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The New Dictator In Washington Will Change America

By JR Dieckmann

The Democrats’ answer to government overspending and overextended credit is more overspending and overextended credit. Obama now wants another trillion dollars in stimulus money to use as he sees fit. The federal government is trying to buy the free enterprise system, lock, stock, and barrel from the private sector, so that politicians can run and control it just like they do in Communist countries. They are forcing bailout (buyout) money on companies and banks who don’t even need it or want it – to gain control of those companies and banks.

In response to the mortgage meltdown and economic recession, a majority of voters voted for Democrats, the very same people who caused the problem that started with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and liberal mortgage lending policies of the Clinton administration. The Democrats’ solution to the problem is more of the same liberal spending and lending policies that got us into the financial mess in the first place. We all will be suffering the consequences of that vote.

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“The Captain’s AMERICA” Radio Show Podcast


On today’s show you’ll hear breaking news about the possible disclosure of Barack Obama‘s being born in Kenya as a copy of the
Hawaiian Divorce Decree of Obama’s parent’s is going to surface on the Internet…

There’s just one problem with this and that is nomatter what shows up, Barack Hussein Obama WILL be sworn in as President on Jan. 20th in
Washington, DC. For anyone who is thinking otherwise, it’s NOT going to happen…

The Democratic controlled Senate and Congress is NOT going to allow anything that will upset Obama’s proverbial ‘apple cart’ for the next
4 years and everyone needs to accept that as a fact and get on with the Country’s business at hand…

Our guest today, Frank Salvato, Managing Editor of the New Media Journal echoes that fact as there’s also talk about MN’s new Senator-
Elect Al Franken and the legal challenges facing him from GOP Senator Norm Coleman as more votes than voters have surfaced in 25 MN

You’ll also hear the breaking news about IL Gov Rod Blagojevich’s U.S. Senate appointee Burress who was denied his seat in the Senate

Not to forget about the news coming from the Gaza Strip and straight from reporters in the area with Israeli News…

You’ll also hear the latest from our Dept. of Defense in the Global War on Terror as “The Captain’s AMERICA” Radio Show keeps you informed
on what’s going on in the World around you…

Get in on knowing what others won’t talk about and become a regular listener…

God Bless America!

‘The Captain’

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I Have Left the Country


J. D. Pendry

I left the country. Do you like that tired old political cliché? I did not leave the party, the party left me. Well, I am just kidding because I only left the country to visit my Grandbabies that are a short 14 hour plane ride past Atlanta. America is my country. Unlike the Hollywood nitwits who all threaten to abandon America whenever someone other than the most unqualified and liberal candidate in the nation’s history is elected president, I will only abandon America for whatever follows this mortal life. Before, however, it was the Democrats and now it is the Republicans who have left me.  More from

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Spread the Wealth Around

Many thanks to Capt. Matt Bruce of The Captain’s America…  Let’s enjoy this while we can still laugh at it!

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Obama, Who Are You?

Important questions to Barry “Barack Hussein Obama” Soetero. 

Please go to ThatsMeOnTheLeft – a blog with an interesting piece titled “Holy Crap!”, which is what I said when I read it.  Check out the photos of the Obama salute….

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The Wizard…..

(Thanks to Capt Matt)

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Golf Balls For Sale

Another great graphic from our friends at!

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With OBiden, You Get a Toaster!

From Rush Limbaugh….

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How Obama lost the election

By Spengler

DENVER – Senator Barack Obama’s acceptance speech last week seemed vastly different from the stands of this city’s Invesco Stadium than it did to the 40 million who saw it on television. Melancholy hung like thick smog over the reserved seats where I sat with Democratic Party staffers. The crowd, of course, cheered mechanically at the tag lines, flourished placards, and even rose for the obligatory wave around the stadium. But its mood was sour. The air carried the acrid smell of defeat, and the crowd took shallow breaths. Even the appearance of R&B great Stevie Wonder failed to get the blood pumping.  More from Asia Times

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Security Officials On The Lookout For Cloned Emergency Vehicles

Security officials around the cities hosting this year’s political conventions are being told to watch out for fake or cloned emergency vehicles.
A Federal Emergency Management Agency memo ‘bulletin’ says terrorists could use such “cloned” emergency or commercial vehicles to conduct surveillance or carry out an attack.
The National Insurance Crime Bureau says faking such vehicles is inexpensive, perhaps costing as little as $2000.00.
Meanwhile, the Secret Service says it doesn’t have any specific information that cloned vehicles are being used for terrorist or other illicit purposes at the Democratic convention in Denver or the GOP convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.
The bulletin, called an “infogram,” is distributed to emergency management officials across the country.
Officials are advised to know how to verify markings on government and military vehicles. Imaging systems that can see inside trucks as well as radiation detection equipment will be used in both convention cities to prevent anything dangerous from getting near or inside the venues.
Thousands of federal, state and local law enforcement officials will be working to secure the conventions, as will airport screeners, nuclear weapons experts and intelligence analysts. More from National Terror Alert

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