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Kevin Kerr Talks With Cavuto About $10 Oil?

Neil Cavuto discusses oil prices with Kevin Kerr.

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Pelosi is as crazy as Reid

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi wants to “save the planet,” and therefore will not allow an up or down vote in the House to open up offshore oil drilling. Apparently, Madame Speaker agrees with Crazy Harry Reid that “we’re hurting the planet” by using oil, and we ought to “stop using fossil fuels.”

How do we “stop using” antifreeze, anesthetics, anything plastic, bandages, basketballs and candles? Detergents, dice or epoxy glue? Paint, guitar strings or insect repellent? Lipstick, life jackets or roofing? Shaving cream, shower curtains or toilet seats? These and hundreds of other common everyday items in our lives are made, in whole or part, with oil.

If they mean “stop using gasoline,” that’s only 19.5 gallons in a 42 gallon barrel. The rest of that barrel is spun into nearly everything you see around you from medicine to furniture to clothing – everything that makes our standard of living possible. “Stop using” oil makes no sense. This is shrieking madness.  Read more by Roger Hedgecock at WorldNetDaily

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Exclusive: The Democrats’ Oil-Drilling Flimflam: Betting the Public Is Too Dumb to Catch On

Joel Himelfarb

The mantra from Barack Obama and congressional Democrat leaders is that they represent “change” – and when it comes to gas prices, they certainly have a point. The cost to heat and air-condition American homes is certainly “changing” in very negative ways for the American consumer, as is the cost of getting to work or taking a trip with the family.

Regular readers of this column know that I have been critical of Republicans’ performance on many issues. But on energy today, the GOP on Capitol Hill has shown that it understands that oil supply must be increased, and lately it has been indefatigable in working to make this a reality. Even John McCain, a longtime advocate of costly, job-destroying legislation on climate change, is supporting offshore drilling and demanding that the Democrat leadership bring Congress back to Washington right away to debate energy. The Democrat Party, by contrast, is controlled by elitists who think they can profit politically by demagoguing against oil companies and commodities traders and making empty threats to induce OPEC to produce more. In reality, their policies would ensure that Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez and corrupt government officials and pipeline saboteurs in Nigeria cement their power to send American energy prices sky-high. More from FamilySecurityMatters

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We Need To End Our Phone Addiction!

by JR Dieckmann

Ridiculous, you say? Is it really any more ridiculous than the statement “We need to end our oil addiction?” Just look at the hazards being created by telephones today; avoidable auto accidents, filling our landfills with non-biodegradable plastics and electronics from disposable phones, polluting our air with radiation from cellphones and cellphone towers, loss of productivity due to excessive phone babble, and disruption of peace and quiet by people walking around in public places talking loudly into these tiny boxes.

So you see, if you want to make a case for the need to end our addiction to telephones, you can do that. But the truth is – we are not addicted to phones anymore than we are addicted to oil. Both provide us with the means to maintain our comfortable standard of living and productive economy. We depend on them in our daily lives – we are not “addicted” to them.

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Call Congress Back!

Visit and sign the petition to demand Nancy “Lights Out” Pelosi and the no-drill Dems return to Washington and do their jobs – address the energy situation in the US.

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Simple Thing…..

Another great ad from GOPOhio

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John McCain – “Pump”

John McCain has a great ad out about high oil prices.  He really makes sense in this one….

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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, or as she is called on the Big Dogs blog, “the worst speaker in the history of Congress,” explained the cause of high oil prices back in 2006: “We have two oilmen in the White House. The logical follow-up from that is $3-a-gallon gasoline. It is no accident. It is a cause and effect. A cause and effect.”

Yes, that would explain why the price of oral sex, cigars and Hustler magazine skyrocketed during the Clinton years. Also, I note that Speaker Pelosi is a hotelier … and the price of a hotel room in New York is $1,000 a night! I think she might be onto something.

Is that why a barrel of oil costs mere pennies in all those other countries in the world that are not run by “oilmen”? Wait — it doesn’t cost pennies to them? That’s weird.  More from Ann Coulter at HumanEvents OnLine

Perhaps we could all call Madam Pelosi’s office and ask her to do one great thing for America – resign…

While Pelosi does not accept email from those not in her district, you can call her office at (202)-225-8259 or 225-0100 and demand Congress take action to allow domestic drilling….

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American Solutions Update – Over One Million Voices for Lower Gas Prices

American Solutions delivered 1.3 MILLION signatures to Congress yesterday demanding we “drill here, drill now”.  There is still much to do.  Visit AmericanSolutions today and see what you can to to get the message to Washington that we must become energy independent.  Truckers cannot afford to continue to pay up to $5 per gallon for diesel fuel to haul America’s freight.  There is no excuse – drill here, drill now.

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Bush Schools Press on Oil Prices

President Bush gave an excellent press conference this morning.  For those who missed it, you can read the entire transcript here.  Rush Limbaugh, as always, has an excellent summary of the conference in which he discussing the issue of domestic drilling:

RUSH: The President’s press conference today, a couple of pretty good answers here.  First one, a reporter asked the president why he isn’t telling individuals how to conserve energy.  This is audio sound bite 15.  The question came from Mark Smith at AP Radio. He said, “Why have you not, sir, called on Americans to drive less and turn down the thermostat?”

THE PRESIDENT:  They’re smart enough to figure out whether they’re going to drive less or not.  The consumer is plenty bright, Mark.  The marketplace works.  People can figure out whether they need to drive more or less.  They can balance their own checkbooks.  I think people ought to conserve and be wise about how they use gasoline and energy, absolutely.  But my point to you, Mark, is that, you know, it’s a little presumptuous on my part to dictate to consumers how they live their lives.  The American people are plenty capable and plenty smart people and they’ll make adjustments to their own pocketbooks.  That’s why I was so much in favor of letting them keep more of their own money, you know? It’s a philosophical difference:  Should the government spend their money or should they spend their own money?  And I’ve got faith in the American people.

RUSH:  What a great, great answer.  So here you have this typical AP reporter straight out of AP storyline narrative school (snarky reporter impression), “How come you’re not telling people to conserve?  Those people are stupid, Mr. President.  How come you’re not telling them to turn down the thermostats and use less gasoline?”  This is an attitude that every liberal has, that you need to be saved from yourself because you can’t do it. You’re incompetent. You can’t overcome the obstacles life places in your way.  You can’t even live responsibly.  You gotta have somebody from the benevolent government walking all over your life, telling you where to put your thermostat, how much to drive, where you can drive, how fast you can drive, where you can go or you can’t go, that you ought to be in mass transit, or some sort of thing like that.  You just don’t have the intelligence. The president comes out with this answer: They’re plenty smart on their own.  

That answer, by the way, a classic difference, ladies and gentlemen, in how liberals and conservatives look at people: central planning versus individuals making choices in free markets.  He later explained why he thinks oil companies are investing capital to find new oil. (laughs) He had to explain the question! The question is stupid.  Somebody asked him why he thinks oil companies are investing capital to find new oil.  Of course the underlying tone is, “Why aren’t they investing in alternative energies like the magic elixir that will get a hundred thousand miles to the gallon that we know they’ve got in the drawer somewhere and just won’t make? Why, Mr. President, aren’t you telling Big Oil to get honest?”  But it’s unbelievable that either of these questions were asked, but there’s the president calmly explaining every step of the process: How to find and bring oil to the market.  A lot of money, a lot of capital is tied up in the process.  There’s no other choice but to get the oil.  It was really simple stuff.  

It was a great opportunity, and the president himself capitalized on this.  The media in this press conference today looked like a bunch of second graders.  In fact, he made the media in this press conference look like Obama.  And he won the exchange. They were that uninformed, that arrogant at the same time, and he gave straightforward, smart answers, like every leader should.  You know, I’ve been on this kick for the past week or so that the Republican Party is sitting on a gold mine here with the gasoline price where it is, oil price where it is, and Democrats being the party that is standing in the way of doing anything about it. Nancy Pelosi yesterday was calling the president’s oil drilling design “a hoax.”  I mean, the Democrats are sitting ducks if the Republican Party would just get up to speed on this.  The people don’t care about the war in Iraq; it’s gasoline prices right now and everything flows from that: food, travel, leisure time dollars, to and from work, all of that.  So the president’s answers today just illustrate a tremendous opportunity the Republicans have to crush liberalism if they really chose to.  This is not the Democrats’ year unless the Republicans hand it to them.  Read more Rush here

We are screaming it from the rooftops – drill here, drill now. Drill in ANWR, drill off the coast of California – don’t care where. We cannot allow the no-drill Democrats to continue to destroy the American economy by keeping us dependent upon terrorist oil.

Call your senators and representatives daily. Call Nancy Pelosi’s office at (202) 225-4965 and demand that she not block this effort. Read her nonsensical, greenie-weenie appeasing “energy” plan here.  And while you have her office on the phone, remind them that it is private industry, not the government that creates jobs.  The last thing we need is the government running our oil industry.  Just think about each visit you make to the Department of Motor Vehicles, each call made to the IRS or my personal favorite – The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration if you want a window into the disaster THAT would be.

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