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Ton of Marijuana Seized From Cloned UPS Truck in Arizona

Arizona Department of Public Safety Detectives have confiscated about 2,118 pounds of marijuana from a truck that appeared identical to a United Parcel Service truck.

A suspect fled the scene when an officer and narcotics canine attempted to stop the vehicle, according to

A search of the truck yielded nearly $1.2 million worth of marijuana bundles typically transported by human drug carriers or “mules” through the desert, reported.

Suspects painted the truck to look like a UPS vehicle, complete with the typical reflective yellow decals, the station reported. The truck also sported a homemade Arizona license plate with a number that was assigned to an actual UPS truck servicing the Tucson area.

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Border Patrol Agents Seize 4 Tons of Marijuana

Laredo, Texas — Border Patrol agents assigned to the Laredo North station disrupted an effort to smuggle 7,828 pounds of marijuana today.

“Our agents remain vigilant in employing all available resources to keep drug and alien smugglers from succeeding,” said Laredo Sector Chief Patrol Agent Carlos X. Carrillo.

Agents manning the checkpoint located on Interstate 35 north of Laredo conducted an immigration inspection of the driver of a tractor-trailer. A Border Patrol canine alerted agents to the trailer, indicating the possible presence of people or contraband.  More from

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Traffickers used I-35 buses to get drugs to Dallas, court papers show

Recent guilty pleas by members of the Zetas, the Gulf drug cartel’s feared enforcement arm, offer rare glimpses into how traffickers use Interstate 35 to move drugs through Dallas and smuggle hundreds of millions in cash back to Mexico.

Raul Castillo, 31, and Jorge Rodriguez, 21, pleaded guilty a week ago in Laredo federal court to charges that they moved up to 600 kilograms of cocaine a week to Dallas between March 2007 and February.

After they were arrested this year, the two Laredo men admitted to federal agents that they worked for Miguel Treviño Morales, a fugitive who is the reputed commander of the Zetas in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.  More from

The article details how the men would use tractor-trailers to truck the drugs up from the border and meet at an unnamed truck stop near Waxahatchie, where the contraband would then be transported to a nearby warehouse.

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Border Patrol Agents thwart smuggling attempt: Tractor-Trailer rig yields 800-pound marijuana cache

DEL RIO, Texas – Customs and Border Protection-Border Patrol agents staffing a highway checkpoint near Eagle Pass seized more than 800 pounds of marijuana. 


At around midnight yesterday [Aug. 6], agents performed an intensive inspection of a gray Freightliner tractor trailer after a service canine alerted to the trailer. The search revealed ten burlap sacks sitting on the floor of the trailer in plain sight. 

Agents recovered a total of 380 individually wrapped bundles of marijuana concealed in the sacks, weighing 803.3 pounds and valued at more than $640,000. 

The contraband and driver were turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration. The Freightliner and trailer were turned over the Del Rio Sector Border Patrol Office of Vehicle Seizure and Asset Forfeiture.  From SWTexasLive

Another great job by our Border Patrol and their four-legged agents!

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Otay Mesa Port of Entry Marijuana Seizures

San Diego, California – U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized nearly 1,000 pounds of marijuana in two commercial vehicles/trailers at the Otay Mesa Cargo Facility in California, Friday, August 1, in a three-hour time frame.

CBP officers became suspicious when a 32-year-old Mexican citizen driving a tractor without a trailer arrived at the Otay Mesa port of entry at 3:30 p.m. Friday. An intensive examination by CBP officers revealed anomalies in both saddle tanks. Upon further inspection by a human/narcotics detection dog that had a positive alert, officers removed 10 packages of a green leafy substance that field tested positive for marijuana. The packages weighed 350 pounds and were valued at more than $1 million.

At approximately 6:30 p.m. Friday, a 25-year-old Mexican citizen applied for entry at the Otay Mesa Cargo Facility. CBP officers noticed an anomaly within the front wall of the empty tractor trailer. A human/narcotics detection dog screened the vehicle, and CBP officers probed the wall of the trailer and punctured a package. A green leafy substance was extracted and tested positive for marijuana. A total of 42 packages were removed weighing 621 lbs and valued at $1.8 million.   More from Imperial Valley News

Another job well done by the CBP!

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Man faces pot charge – Canada

A Winnipeg man faces charges after police in Morden found marijuana in a tractor-trailer unit during a checkstop Saturday afternoon.

Members of the Morden Police Service stopped the westbound tractor-trailer on Highway 3 as it entered the town about 120 km southwest of Winnipeg.

Police became suspicious after speaking to the driver so they searched the unit, said Morden police Sgt. Brent Menzies.

Inside, they found an undisclosed amount of marijuana and marijuana resin allegedly belonging to one of two passengers, Menzies said.

Christopher Herda, 36, is charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession for the purpose of trafficking and breach of probation.  From the Winnipeg Sun

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CBP Officers in Calif. Discover 5 Tons of Marijuana on Cargo Truck

Calexico, Calif. – U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Calexico east port of entry cargo facility seized more than five tons of marijuana found in a tractor-trailer rig that entered the port at about 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 22, officials announced today.

CBP officers found 469 wrapped packages of the narcotic weighing 10,224 pounds and valued at $4.6 million hidden in numerous boxes manifested as tools, instruments and parts, officials said.

CBP officers ordered the tractor-trailer rig to the port’s gamma-ray facility for an intensive examination after the truck entered the U.S. from Mexico. The intensive examination revealed anomalies in the shipment so it was referred to the dock for off-loading of the merchandise.

CBP officers discovered a green leafy substance concealed within boxes that field tested positive for marijuana.  More from

Another excellent bust.  Our guys on the border are doing an outstanding job!

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Arkansas Highway Police Uncover Drug Shipment

Friday, a tractor-trailer rig was stopped at the Alma Highway Police Station on eastbound I-40 in Crawford County. During an inspection of the truck, AHP officers discovered an estimated 440 pounds of cocaine. The street value of the drugs is estimated to be in excess of $4 million.

“I’m very proud of our officers,” stated Burks. “This is the largest discovery of illicit drugs by our officers this year, and one of the largest in the history of the agency, both in terms of quantity and street value,” he added.

The driver was identified as Iver Lopez, age 54, of Pembroke Pines, Florida. It is believed the truck, transporting produce, was traveling from Bakersfield, California to Elkton, Maryland. Lopez was arrested at the scene for Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and a misdemeanor motor carrier safety violation.

Lopez is being held at the Crawford County Detention Center. He is scheduled for arraignment in Crawford County Court July 23. From TodaysTHV

Another great bust in Alma, Arkansas!  Just last month, they had another successful bust – we posted it here….

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Police Seize 800 Pounds Of Pot


LEBANON, Tenn. – Wilson County Sheriff’s detectives confiscated more than 800 pounds of marijuana.

The sheriff’s departments received a tip and tracked the pot all the way from Mexico.

The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office got a tip from investigators that had tracked the pot all the way from Mexico.  So detectives staked out a Lebanon tire store and witnessed men unloading large bales of marijuana from a tractor trailer.

The plastic bundles were coated in grease and gear oil to try to disguise the smell.

Investigators said after the pot was loaded into a large SUV the driver drove into Rutherford County where detectives stopped it and arrested two people.

Deputies think 11 people are connected with the drug ring.

Investigators also seized three vehicles and other property.  From

A load of pot tracked to Mexico….. who would have thought… (sarasm…)

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Texas – Authorities crack down on truck-driving smugglers

EDINBURG — Truckers caught smuggling drugs and immigrants could lose their licenses and their livelihood under a statewide initiative announced Thursday.

Dubbed “Texas Hold ‘Em,” the program was designed to address the growing number of commercial truck drivers caught trafficking illegal cargo in Texas, said Judy Brown, chief of the Texas Department of Public Safety’s driver’s license division.

“Taking action to revoke the privileges of these drivers will further assist our efforts to increase safety on the public roadways and increase the security of our nation’s border,” she said.

In the last fiscal year, U.S. Border Patrol agents across the state arrested 444 tractor-trailer drivers on suspicion of smuggling, detained more than 2,000 illegal immigrants and seized 276,000 pounds of narcotics hidden in their cargo, said Dan Doty, the agency’s local spokesman. Most of those stops occurred at checkpoints well into the state’s interior, such as ones located in Falfurrias and Sarita.

Thursday’s announcement met with little resistance from the commercial trucking industry, which welcomes any effort to weed out corruption in its ranks, said Glenna Bruun of the Texas Motor Transportation Association, an Austin-based trade organization.

“There’s definitely no concern on this end,” she said. “We support anything that will enhance public safety.”

The initiative – co-sponsored by DPS and Texas’ five Border Patrol sectors – will also include a statewide public service campaign and a tip line for drivers to report illegal activity.  More from the Monitor

Great job by our Texas DPS and the US Border Patrol!

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