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Eminent Domain and our future Chinese masters

By the Editor-in-Chief – CentrePointNews

The blogosphere is alive today with talk and rumour about the Obama Administration’s alleged deal allowing the Red Chinese to secure their loans to the United States with eminent domain rights. 

Under the provisions of the deal reported by both the DC Republican Examiner’s Bill Dupray and radio host Hal Turner, the Obama Administration has given the Chinese a blank check to seize American property as collateral if the U. S. defaults on its loans from the Chinese.  More HERE

Like the editors at CentrePointNews, we are trying to either confirm or deny this story.  Are we being sold out to the Chinese or is this some great conspiracy circulating on the ‘net?   We’ll check back with CentrePointNews for the latest updates.

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Exclusive: ‘Guilty’ – Ann Coulter ‘Confesses’ to FSM

Best-selling author Ann Coulter’s latest book, Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and their Assault on America, is burning up the charts. What’s the hype all about? FSM’s Renee Taylor recently caught up with Ann to find out.

Ann Coulter sits down with FSM’s Renee Taylor (yes, me) to talk about her latest best-seller, “Guilty: Liberal Victims and their Assault on America”! Read the exciting interview HERE

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Glenn Beck – Road to Socialism

Listen up, folks…  Glenn Beck tells it like it is and what is to come…

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Glenn Beck – The One Thing

We are on the fast track to socialism.  Glenn explains how the Socialist Agenda Package (aka the economic stimulus) does NOT do what Washington is claiming.  

Earth to Dennis Kucinich – it is NOT the government’s job to “create” jobs in a capitalist society.  Read your basic high school economics book…

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Starbucks to cut 6,700 jobs amid falling sales

Starbucks is to close more stores, sell a newly delivered $45m corporate jet and cut headquarters staff and worker benefits as it battles a slump in sales that has tracked the broader collapse in global discretionary spending.

The coffee retailer said on Wednesday that it would shut 300 more “underperforming” locations – 100 of them outside the US – after a 9 per cent fall in comparable sales in the last three months of 2008. It announced a first wave of 600 US store closures last summer.  More HERE

Could part of the problem be that people just don’t want to pay $4 for cup of coffee?  Granted, Starbucks does have good coffee, but one can go to elsewhere and get a great cup for $1.50.  In fact, the Valero station nearby has great cappucino for 59 cents – if I have my own travel mug – and Pilot Travel Centers (aka truck stop) recently introduced a hazelnut blend that beats Starbucks any day.  I quit buying Starbucks when they jumped on the global warming hoax bandwagon a few years ago. …

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$825 Billion Socialist Agenda Passes Congress

The House of Representatives passed the Socialist Agenda (aka economic stimulus bill) this evening.  No Republicans voted for this pork-laden 649 page Socialist agenda.  Additionally, the following Democrats who voted against the bill:  Allen Boyd (Fla.), Bobby Bright (Ala.), Jim Cooper (Tenn.), Brad Ellsworth (Ind.), Parker Griffith (Ala.), Paul Kanjorski (Penn.), Frank Kratovil (Md.), Walt Minnick (Idaho), Collin Peterson (Minn.), Heath Shuler (N.C.), Gene Taylor (Miss.).  Source:  Real Clear Politics

Time to start calling your senators to insist they kill this bill.  Don’t take my word that this bill is a nation-killing disaster – read for yourself HERE.

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Chicken processor cutting jobs

Almost 100 will be laid off at Pilgrim’s Pride

Nearly 100 workers at the Pilgrim’s Pride poultry plant in Athens will lose their jobs Feb. 9, when the company eliminates its nighttime chicken processing shift.

The cutback will affect 227 employees at Pilgrim’s Pride’s fresh food division on Oneta Street, but the company will move more than 50 of those people into the daytime processing shift and 70 to 90 others into the company’s supply division on Barber Street, said Ray Atkinson, a Pilgrim’s Pride spokesman.

The company plans to retain the sanitation shift that cleans between the daytime and nighttime processing crews, Atkinson said.  Full story HERE

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Falling Fortunes, Rising Hopes and the Price of Oil

By Peter Zeihan (from

Oil prices have now dipped — albeit only briefly — below US$40 a barrel, a precipitous plunge from their highs of more than US$147 a barrel in July. Just as high oil prices reworked the international economic order, low oil prices are now doing the same. Such a sudden onset of low prices impacts the international system just as severely as recent record highs.

But before we dive into the short-term (that is, up to 12 months) impact of the new price environment, we must state our position in the oil price debate. We have long been perplexed about the onward and upward movement of the oil markets from 2005 to 2008. Certainly, global demand was strong, but a variety of factors such as production figures and growing inventories of crude oil seemed to argue against ever-increasing prices. Some of our friends pointed to the complex world of derivatives and futures trading, which they said had created artificial demand. That may well have been true, but the bottom line is that, based on the fundamentals, the oil numbers did not make a great deal of sense.

Continue reading

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Christmas Countdown – Its a Wonderful Life

The final scene from the Jimmy Stewart classic film, Its a Wonderful Life.

Stewart is second to none – and the film is a reminder to us that no matter bad our situation, there is hope after all.

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Rush’s Speech at Hillsdale College Churchill Dinner in Washington, DC

RUSH:  Larry told me I have five minutes.  [Laughter]  Thank you all very much. This receiving an award like this is beyond my comprehension. [Laughter] You always check yourself when there’s a camera around. Please bear with me, folks. I’ve got a case of bronchitis and a little fever, and I’m going to try to suppress my coughing spasms.  But I see Fred Thompson.  I don’t know how it’s possible.  Let me tell you.  I was in the air flying up here from Florida at about 4:30 and I’m over Raleigh, North Carolina, well right between Raleigh and Durham.  And I’m —   well, I want to be fair with the nondiscrimination stuff, so — [Laughter] ead and listent to the full speech HERE

And I’ve got Fox News on.  And there’s the Cavuto show and Fred Thompson is on Cavuto show and he was in New York, right?  So he’s in New York at 4:30.  He’s not dressed like he is now.  And I just recently got here.  I landed at Dulles about 5:50.  It took an hour and 35 or 40 minutes to get in here because the tree lighting ceremony and my temporary security guy, who is an order of fries short of a Happy Meal, got the route all wrong.  [Laughter]

He had to get all the way to LaGuardia.  And I assume you shoveled it to National?  And you didn’t hit traffic, it’s amazing.  Somebody told me you were going to be here and I said,”He can’t be, he’s in New York.” I was in this hotel one time prior to this.  It was in 1987.  And I was working in Sacramento at the time.  And I had never,    you know, I did not do guests.  I had constantly sworn off on doing guests on the radio, because everybody else did.  And the, excuse me, local management was so insistent that I do guests that they sent me here for a week if I would do guests.  And the ABC Studios are right across the street on Desales Street, and that’s where we did the radio show for a week.  And so I lined up a bunch of guests.  I lined up George Will.  I lined up Sam Donaldson, Judge Bork, a number of other people.  And one of them that I lined up was Vitaly Churkin.  Now, back in 1987, Vitaly Churkin was a regular.  He was almost a cohost of Nightline.  And he was at the Soviet Embassy.  And he was one of these KGB guys that spoke perfect English, looked as American as anybody at Hillsdale College.  [Laughter]  R

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