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Obama Wants to Bankrupt the Coal Industry

RUSH: If you happen to live in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Colorado, and even parts of Indiana, Barack Obama wants the coal industry in which you work to go bankrupt.  He intends to bankrupt it.  He also intends to cause skyrocketing energy prices.  He made these comments earlier in the year with an editorial board meeting that was recorded, the San Francisco Chronicle.  The Chronicle says they reported it.  They put it on their website.  The newspaper story they did on this did not comment on any of this.  You get the point, though, people voting for Obama, I don’t think they care anything about it.  I don’t think that the substance of who he is is relevant, otherwise he wouldn’t be above 30%.  He’s a symbol of something to a lot of people, and he’s a blank slate and they are making of Obama whatever they want him to be.  If he wins this, there is going to be some severe buyer’s remorse, and we see these guys in the media, they’re covering their rear end because if this guy goes far left, they don’t want any blame for it, “We didn’t know. We didn’t know who Obama was, only written two books, aspirational (sic) speeches, don’t know much about him, don’t know who his heroes are, don’t know who his mentors are, we don’t know anything about him,” after they’ve pushed him all of this time.  Here is Obama, this is in January of this year in an editorial board meeting with the San Francisco Chronicle.

OBAMA:  What I’ve said is that we would put a cap-and-trade system in place that is more — that is as aggressive if not more aggressive than anybody else’s out there, so if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can, it’s just that it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.

RUSH:  He’s gonna bankrupt ’em, he’s got a cap-and-trade program, Algore, this is to save the planet.  He’s going to bankrupt ’em, by definition, they will bankrupt.  But that’s not, by itself, the single most damaging aspect of what he said.  This is.  More from

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Governor Sarah Palin, our future vice president, speaks in Toledo, Ohio, on the important topic of energy independence.

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Pelosi, Pickens plan to pick your pocket

TV commercials touting a new clean energy strategy and an environmental ballot measure in California both have one thing in common: if they succeed, they’ll make

The ads champion Texas oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens’ “Pickens Plan” to move our nation from foreign oil dependence to domestically produced wind power and natural gas fuel for automobiles. The plan is touted as a cleaner, more eco-friendly alternative to our current reliance on coal power and gasoline.

The ballot initiative is California’s Proposition 10, known as the California Renewable and Clean Alternative Fuel Act, which would spend $5 billion in California bond money ($10 billion by the time the interest is paid, according to the L.A. Times) to promote natural gas as an cleaner alternative for automobile and truck fuel.  More from WorldNetDaily

And who is invested in Pickens’ company? Apparently Nancy “Lights Out” Pelosi….

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Ethanol raises food costs without solving U.S. fuel problem

Bill Becker, in his May 24 Voices letter claims, “Ethanol is a significant step in the right direction for the U.S. to gain fuel independence.” He couldn’t be more wrong. The 6 billion gallons of ethanol produced in 2007 barely generated a 15-day supply of fuel. And it took 25 percent of total U.S. corn production and a cost to taxpayers of $6 billion in federal and state subsidies, tax credits and tax exemptions to do it.

If the entire U.S. grain harvest were used to make ethanol, it would provide scarcely 18 percent of our automotive fuel needs each year; today ethanol barely supplies 3 percent.

Becker brought up the five top U.S. oil company profits of $123 billion in 2007, but what he fails to mention is that $87 billion went to pay U.S. income tax; $24 billion was paid to U.S. shareholders in dividends, and $8 billion was for participating in the drilling of 17,000 new oil wells in 2007.

Speaking of profits, Archer Daniels Midland produces one-fourth of U.S. ethanol annually. Its profit in 2006 was $10.8 billion only made possible by subsidies, tax credits and exemptions. ADM has been costing the U.S. economy billions for years.  More from the Springfield, Missouri, News Leader

A good explanation of ethanol and why it is not a viable alternative to oil.  Nancy “Lights Out” Pelosi is still on her “vacation”, as are other Democrats as Republicans continue in Washington, demanding they return to work on a real solution to high fuel costs.

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The lights are out… Commentary by JD Pendry

“I have always loved longitude. “I love latitude; it’s in the stars. But longitude, it’s about time. … Time and clocks and all the rest of that have always been a fascination for me.”

“I’m trying to save the planet; I’m trying to save the planet.” – Speaker of the People’s House, Nancy Pelosi

When the Speaker speaks, lights out is one descriptive thought that comes to mind. I also see hair filled with daisies and butterflies and chirping birds merrily circling her botoxed head. Occasionally a sharp tongue zots out and an unsuspecting and cheerfully circling blue dog bird is returned to the flock, wings bobbed and featherless. The hapless butterflies continue to flutter by focusing on matters critically important to the people of the serfdom like legalizing pot. Such is life in the enchanted kingdom where the problems are always caused by others, but never solved by anyone.

Out in the serfdom, visions of striding over rainbows have been replaced by the less lofty vision of mere survival. The serfs work hard to meet their tax obligations to the kingdom, the agents of the Imperial Revenue Service ensuring that every copper penny owed is collected. The serfs spend their spare time scouring the imperial woods for twigs to heat their homes as winter approaches. Mansions in the enchanted kingdom, where all is well, are warm and comfy. Children in the serfdom fall asleep at night with visions of life in Castle Algore. The cost of fuel is of no consequence to royalty. They cannot focus on such frivolous matters. What is important is that the knaves must be saved from themselves. They must be told what to eat, what mode of transport to use and how many twigs they may put into their fireplaces. The speaker of the enchanted kingdom reminds us, it’s in the stars. I’m trying to save the planet.  More from

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Obama energy policy: ‘Inflate your tires’

WASHINGTON – If you think there isn’t urgency to getting Congress to drop its bans on offshore drilling and development of the ANWR oil reserves, listen to what Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama had to say in Missouri yesterday.

“There are things you can do individually, though, to save energy,” Obama said. “Making sure your tires are properly inflated – simple thing. But we could save all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling – if everybody was just inflating their tires? And getting regular tune-ups? You’d actually save just as much!”

That’s his energy plan? Inflate your tires? Get more tune-ups? More from WorldNetDaily

The presumptive no-drill Dem nominee wants you to inflate your tires rather than drill in here in the US.  This is the same person who wants to take “oil company profits” and redistribute it, giving each American family $1000.  Can we say “Marxism”?

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Nancy “Lights Out” Pelosi

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Dems turn out the lights on Republicans and lower oil prices

Thanks to Nancy Pelosi congress adjourned for five weeks without addressing America’s energy crisis.

Speaker Pelosi refused to allow a vote on increased off shore drilling choosing instead to leave for vacation even though Republicans protested loudly saying that the refusal to allow a vote is harmful to the economy. Pelosi’s response was to turn off the lights and cut the microphones on Republicans.

Republicans continued to talk in the dark and with no microphones and finally the lights and microphones were turned back on for a time and then turned off again.  More from

So this is the energy plan of Comrade Pelosi and the no-drill Democrats.  Go on a five week vacation without a vote on perhaps the most serious issue facing our country today.  We must call, fax and email those Republicans who have chosen to stay in Washington to make this very important statement.  It is obvious who is looking out for the best interests of our nation and it is NOT Pelosi and Company.

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Rep. Joe Wilson’s Position on Energy

Below is a response we received recently from Joe Wilson, representative from the Second Congressional District, South Carolina.  Rep. Wilson is a man truckers can get behind and support as we continue to fight high fuel costs.

Dear Mr. Taylor,

Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding renewable energy sources and energy independence. I appreciate your taking the time to write.

I understand your concerns and welcome your interest in this matter. I believe that Congress ought to pass realistic and responsible legislation that will improve energy conservation, and advocate for the development of new energy sources that will solve for both the short and long-term needs of our nation’s growing demands. Indeed, we live in a global market and many nations are competing for oil and other sources of energy. Therefore, it is important to cultivate modern technologies such as hydrogen, as
well as expanding exploration into domestic supplies of clean coal, oil, natural gas, and enhance our nuclear power capabilities.

Please visit my website, to learn more about my views on energy independence. You may be assured that I will keep your thoughts in mind as legislation related to our nation’s energy needs come before me on the House floor.

It is an honor to represent the people of the Second Congressional District of South Carolina, and I value your input.

If I may be of further assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Very Truly Yours,

Joe Wilson
Member of Congress

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CNN and O’Reilly Are Distorting The Energy Issue

By JR Dieckmann

After paying $65.00 to put 14 gallons of gas in my car the other day, I came home and sat down to watch “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News. I no longer watch the arrogant Bill O’Reilly now; that was the last straw.

First out on his program was his “Talking Points” in which he discussed the reason for the high cost of gas today. It has become painfully apparent that O’Reilly’s understanding of the issues behind the cost of gas is as pathetic as his understanding of the reasons for our invasion of Iraq. It’s not about oil company greed, Bill, and it wasn’t solely about Saddam’s WMDs. O’Reilly has been hanging around with too many leftists in the media.

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