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Fannie Mae Malware Timebomb

A fired employee of mortgage giant Fannie Mae has been accused of installing a time-rigged virus on the company’s servers.

Fired employees sometimes threaten to get even, but few actually do it. Fewer still install a virus on the servers of the company they used to work for, rigged to go off later and take out all the company data.

But that’s exactly the crime of which former Fannie Mae Babubhai Makwana is accused. It’s alleged that he installed malware on the company’s servers that would activate on January 31, shutting down the computer monitoring system and access to all 4,000 servers, before replacing all company information with zeros.  More HERE

Most disguntled employees just steal a box of Post-it notes or maybe all the “W”s off the computers…

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The New Dictator In Washington Will Change America

By JR Dieckmann

The Democrats’ answer to government overspending and overextended credit is more overspending and overextended credit. Obama now wants another trillion dollars in stimulus money to use as he sees fit. The federal government is trying to buy the free enterprise system, lock, stock, and barrel from the private sector, so that politicians can run and control it just like they do in Communist countries. They are forcing bailout (buyout) money on companies and banks who don’t even need it or want it – to gain control of those companies and banks.

In response to the mortgage meltdown and economic recession, a majority of voters voted for Democrats, the very same people who caused the problem that started with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and liberal mortgage lending policies of the Clinton administration. The Democrats’ solution to the problem is more of the same liberal spending and lending policies that got us into the financial mess in the first place. We all will be suffering the consequences of that vote.

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Capitalism and the Financial Crisis

There has always been contempt for economic liberty. Historically, our nation was an important, not complete, exception. It took the calamity of the Great Depression to bring about today’s level of restrictions on economic liberty. Now we have another government-created calamity that has the prospect of moving us even further away from economic liberty with the news media and pundits creating the perception that the current crisis can be blamed on capitalism. We see comments such as those in the New York Times: “The United States has a culture that celebrates laissez-faire capitalism as the economic ideal. Or, “For 30 years, the nation’s political system has been tilted in favor of business deregulation and against new rules.” Another says, “Since 1997, Mr. Brown (the British Prime Minister) has been a powerful voice behind the Labor Party’s embrace of an American-style economic philosophy that was light on regulation.”

First, let’s establish what laissez-faire capitalism is. Broadly defined, it is an economic system based on private ownership and control over of the means of production. Under laissez-faire capitalism, government activity is restricted to the protection of the individual’s rights against fraud, theft and the initiation of physical force.  More from Walter Williams HERE

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Rush Goes “On the Record” with Greta

Rush Limbaugh goes on the record with Greta discussing polls and the election.

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Would the Last Honest Reporter Please Turn On the Lights?

By Orson Scott Card

An open letter to the local daily paper — almost every local daily paper in America:

I remember reading All the President’s Men and thinking: That’s journalism.  You do what it takes to get the truth and you lay it before the public, because the public has a right to know.

This housing crisis didn’t come out of nowhere.  It was not a vague emanation of the evil Bush administration.

It was a direct result of the political decision, back in the late 1990s, to loosen the rules of lending so that home loans would be more accessible to poor people.  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were authorized to approve risky loans.  More here

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Exclusive: Are Cyber Terrorists Pulling the Last Straw Out of the World’s Economy?

With uncharacteristic speed, Congress passed, and President Bush signed, the now infamous “bail out bill” on October 3rd. Following urgent, yet unsuccessful, pleas to the American people to back the bill, it flew through House and Senate before many Americans had time to distinguish who was at fault, Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. It was a national economic crisis – created by banks making bad loans, inflated values and enormous bonuses for CEOs. Or was that the full story? It was only days before the economic crises went from a national issue to a “global” one.   More from FamilySecurityMatters

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Part of the Problem

View more great videos at Never Find Out – truth beyond the rhetoric.

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The Captain’s America – October 10th


Tune in today to hear ‘The Captain’ interview FL. House Candidate for the 69th District, Laura Benson. Laura shares her ideas and vision for Florida and what she would do to help our current economy if she’s elected. This is a very stimulating and factual discussion of what a FL. State Rep. should be like, instead of having someone who hasn’t been able to get even 1 piece of legislation passed since they’ve been in office…

Then there’s more factual discussion about Sen. Barack Obama as the ACORN, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and now Kenya facts keep coming out about how Barack Obama is involved in each of those situations…

This is serious stuff and the American people need to ‘pay attention’ to what is being discussed about a person who is NOT what they appear to be, namely Sen. Barack Obama…

Of course you’ll hear more about the Tampa Bay Rays and the ALCS starting tonight at ‘The Trop’ in St. Petersburg, FL

Get in on the FUN and learning what others don’t want you to know about by listening to “The Captain’s AMERICA Radio Show”…

God Bless America!

‘The Captain’


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Barney Frank – the brilliant guy who presided over the biggest financial collapse in history

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What Caused Our Economic Crisis?

Yes – I catagoized the video under “Bolo and Crime” – this is the biggest bank heist in history and the Democrats are proposing the biggest Socialist “solution” we have ever seen.

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