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Glenn Beck – The One Thing

We are on the fast track to socialism.  Glenn explains how the Socialist Agenda Package (aka the economic stimulus) does NOT do what Washington is claiming.  

Earth to Dennis Kucinich – it is NOT the government’s job to “create” jobs in a capitalist society.  Read your basic high school economics book…

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Glenn Beck Interviews Gov Rod Blagojevich – Part Two

Part one of Part two

Part two of Part two

This one is better than the first…..

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Neil Cavuto talks with Benjamin Netanyahu

Part One

Part Two

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Episode: The Captain’s AMERICA Radio Show For Jan. 14th


Today starts out all about the Gaza Strip and Israel’s fighting now
causing Hamas to be ‘willing’ to accept a cease-fire, but…the UN and
Israel and Hamas have to agree to ‘talk’ first and until Hamas stops
firing missiles into Israel, there will be NO talking.

Hear FOX News and then Israeli National News straight from the Gaza
report on the events going on in Gaza right now.

Then we have an interesting report from our Correspondent Frank
Salvato about ‘Baghdad Pups’ now being shipped home to American
Servicemen and women who befriended the dogs while in Iraq. This is
truly a human interest story that you won’t hear being reported
anywhere else.

Get in on knowing what you won’t hear being discussed anywhere else!
Become a regular listener and sign up for our FREE Radio Show

God Bless America!

‘The Captain’

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The Captain’s AMERICA Radio Show For Jan. 8th


Tune in today to hear the latest survey opinion on the approval/
disapproval ratings of Pres-Elect Barack Obama, Pres. George Bush and
the Congress…

You’ll also hear the latest from FOX News and INN straight from the
Gaza Strip War Zone. What you’ll hear being discussed here is NOT what
you’re hearing from the majority of our mainstream liberal news

We also talk about the Democrat’s ‘retreating’ in the IL. Senate-
Appointee Roland Burris seating issue as Sen. Majority Leader Harry
Reid and IL. Senior U.S. Senator Dick Durbin sat down with IL. Senate-
Appointee Burris yesterday…

Of course you’ll hear about the latest in the BCS National Title
Football Game tonight LIVE in Miami at Dolphin Stadium broadcast on
FOX. Tim Tebow vs Heismann Trophy Winner Sam Bradford in what promises
to be a GREAT College Football Game for ‘all the marble’ and the
National Title…

Get in on the fun and learn what others don’t want you to know about!
Tune in and become a regular listener to “The Captain’s AMERICA” Radio

God Bless America!

‘The Captain’


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Actor David Spade helps Phoenix police buy rifles

David Spade (remember “Joe Dirt”?) donated $100,000 to the Phoenix police department to help purchase much needed rifles for their officers.

God bless you, David Spade!!

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AMW – Yaser Abdel Said

FoxNews’ Megyn Kelly discusses the horrific honor killings of teenage sisters, Sarah and Amina Said in Irving, Texas, on January 1, 2008.  Their father, Yasar Abdel Said, is the prime suspect in the killings.  Said is on the FBI’s most wanted list and his profile is on America’s Most Wanted HERE.

Is Said still within the US?  Had he fled to points unknown?  We must all be alert and help the FBI find this sadistic killer.

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Pentagon Hit by Unprecedented Cyber Attack

(hat tip to Jason at The Truth Tracker)

The Pentagon has suffered from a cyber attack so alarming that it has taken the unprecedented step of banning the use of external hardware devices, such as flash drives and DVD’s, FOX News has learned.

The attack came in the form of a global virus or worm that is spreading rapidly throughout a number of military networks.

“We have detected a global virus for which there has been alerts, and we have seen some of this on our networks,” a Pentagon official told FOX News. “We are now taking steps to mitigate the virus.”

The official could not reveal the source of the attack because that information remains classified.

“Daily there are millions of scans of the GIG, but for security reasons we don’t discuss the number of actual intrusions or attempts, or discuss specific measures commanders in the field may be taking to protect and defend our networks,” the department said in an official statement. 

Military computers are often referred to as part of the Global Information Grid, or GIG, a system composed of 17 million computers, many of which house classified or sensitive information.

FOX News obtained a copy of one memo sent out last week to an Army division within the Pentagon warning of the cyber attack.

“Due to the presence of commercial malware, CDR USSTRATCOM has banned the use of removable media (thumb drives, CDRs/DVDRs, floppy disks) on all DoD networks and computers effective immediately.”  From FoxNews

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Vermont School Sends Students Out of Classroom to Say Pledge of Allegiance

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly takes on athiest Michael Newdow. It is my not so humble opinion that if you do not like the Pledge of Allegiance, it is YOU that should leave the classroom. This is the United States of America and this is OUR pledge. The children who wish to “opt out” should be the ones tossed from the classroom during the recitation – not the other way around.

Another reason to homeschool – we say the Pledge.

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Space Shuttle Endeavor Launches Today

Cool video of today’s shuttle launch!  The shuttle is heading for a two day mission at the International Space Station.

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