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Gas Thieves Suspected in U-Haul Explosion

RIVERSIDE — Authorities believe gasoline thieves are behind an explosion at a U-Haul lot in Cathedral City.

The blast was reported just before 1 p.m. Tuesday at 68075 Ramon Road.  Four trucks were destroyed and a nearby storage facility was charred.  Damage was estimated at $120,000.

Firefighters found telltale signs of gas siphoning, which included cut-off sections of garden hoses that were left in the tanks of three trucks, according to Cathedral City Fire Chief Mike Hatfield.  Gas caps had also been removed from six other trucks – all of which had been drained of fuel, Hatfield added.  More from KTLA

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Man Charged With Stealing 10,000 Gallons Of Fuel

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – With high fuel costs, we’ve all heard about gasoline drive-offs, but Metro Police said one man took it to the extreme. Watch The Story

He’s accused of stealing thousands of gallons of diesel fuel.

Investigators said Robert E. Holbert, 65, stole nearly 10,000 gallons from one station over a three-month period. More from MSNBC

Holbert is the registered owner of All Star Trucking and while – according to the article – he was busted last year for fuel theft, he claims no knowledge of this incident.

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Gas thieves go after tractor-trailers

PHOENIX – Thieves looking to cash in on the soaring price of diesel fuel are going after big tractor-trailer trucks that carry hundreds of gallons of the valuable commodity.

Reports of diesel theft are on the rise in Arizona and across the nation as the fuel prices soar. Diesel averages around $4.80 nationally, according to the American Automobile Association. That’s making big rigs that carry as much as 300 gallons of diesel a lucrative target.

‘‘There’s quite a bit of theft going on,’’ said Dave Williams, vice president of equipment and maintenance for Phoenix-based Knight Transportation. ‘‘We’ve had to figure out how to track it and keep it from happening.’’  More from the Chicago Sun Times

High fuel prices are bringing out the criminals.  As we’ve said before, do not purchase fuel from an obvious thief – one who is selling fuel out of a tank in the back of his pick up.  Do what you can to protect yourself and your fuel.  Locking fuel caps, parking in well-lit areas…  Many of us like to find that dark, secluded spot to park our rigs and sleep for the night, but such areas also make you a better target for thieves.

Might I also suggest obtaining a concealed carry permit?  While different carriers have regulations regarding carrying firearms, I have not yet found an FMCSA regulation that prohibits carrying a weapon for protection.  



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‘Sophisticated’ Pickup Rigged To Steal Fuel

ORLANDO, Fla. — An Orlando man was taken into custody after the pickup he was driving was found to have a hidden 800-gallon tank custom-welded into the back to steal fuel, police said.

Investigators said a gas station attendant at a Hess station located on John Young Parkway called police and said the driver of a white Ford pickup looked suspicious and lingered too long at the pump.

When officers checked the man’s vehicle, they found a fuel tank professionally welded and hidden inside.

“He had an 800-gallon tank in the back of this thing and it was custom-welded,” Orange County sheriff’s Cmdr. Jeff Stonebreaker said. “There is some very unique equipment the way this thing is set up. It is obviously not for personal business use. It is set up for one use only, which is to steal fuel and redistribute it illegally.”

The man also had a key that disabled pump meters, detectives said.

A Good Samaritan helped police capture the driver at the gas station after he attempted to flee. He was not identified.

Police said the man had such a sophisticated setup that it is doubtful he worked alone and may be part of a crime ring, Local 6’s Lewis Bolden said.  From

Just a reminder to all – don’t buy fuel from some guy with a tank in the back of his pick up in the parking lot of the truck stop – no matter how high fuel prices go….

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Fuel thefts rise with the price of diesel

 DAYTONA BEACH — Truckers turning in for the night at a roadside motel or truck stop might want to sleep with one eye on their rigs now that the skyrocketing price of diesel is enticing enterprising thieves to steal fuel from their tanks.

Daytona Beach police have fielded complaints of at least half a dozen thefts in the last three months of diesel fuel from big trucks parked overnight at motels or lots in industrial districts.

Local thieves are also pilfering gasoline from pumps. At least four gas stations in the city and one in Ormond Beach were targeted in the last month, Rhodes said. The culprits are breaking into the pumps, disconnecting an electronic apparatus inside and causing the gasoline to flow freely without registering an amount.  More from the News-Journal

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Police: Rigged truck trailer used to steal diesel in Mercer

HERMITAGE, Pa. – Police in the Mercer County community of Hermitage say a specially equipped pickup truck trailer was used to steal diesel fuel from underground storage tanks at a convenience store.

Deputy Chief Edward Holiga calls the trailer ingenious.

Nobody has been charged, but police on Wednesday got a search warrant for some property in North Bloomfield, Ohio, where police say the man who owns the rig lives. Police say they found several storage tanks on the property, including a 5,000-gallon tank containing about 500 gallons of diesel fuel.

Holiga says the trailer has a trap door on the bottom that allows a vacuum hose to be lowered into in-ground tanks at the towns Tic Toc Food Mart. A tipster led police to the truck after they released a surveillance photo of it last month. From

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Truckers Warned of Diesel Fuel Thefts

Vermont State Police are urging truckers to lock their fuel caps to prevent thefts of diesel fuel.

The warning comes after 190 gallons of diesel fuel was stolen over the weekend from two tractor-trailer trucks parked at L & T Auto on Route 2 in St. Johnsbury.

The cost of diesel fuel is approaching $5 a gallon– so that’s over $900 of diesel that was stolen in this case. From

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Recent Fuel Theft Alerts

Tanker Truck Stolen

HOUSTON, TX — Police are searching for a man who hijacked a tanker truck loaded with diesel fuel.

Truck driver Bobby Lee Julien said he never thought high gas prices would affect him the way they did early Monday.

Julien said it only took a few seconds for a man to open the passenger side door, jump in the cab, and point a gun right at him.

“I begged him not to shoot me,” said Julien. “I feared for my life. The whole time he had a gun pointed at me.”

Julien has driven a fuel tanker for 27 years.

“Before I even realized what was going on, he was in the truck.”  More from FirstCoastNews

Reward For Gas Bandits

JACKSONVILLE, FL — A local business owner is offering a cash reward for the arrest of whoever got their hands on his company gas card and went on a $2000 fill-up spree with his friends.

Robert Olson of Future Computer Systems got a call from Gate Gas Company last week about some ‘unusual purchases’ and discovered one of his fleet’s gas cards was not only missing… but the bad guys had also gotten a hold of the card’s PIN number.

Surveillance video from the Gate station off Stockton shows a series of cars and young men taking turns filling up at one pump under the same transaction.
“And that (Red) Durango is very very distinctive. You cannot miss those rims. They’re 20-inch rims…22-actually,” said Olson.  More from FirstCoastNews

From Canada: Thieves target rural gas
May 6, 2008, 04:48 

With gasoline becoming more valuable than the black gold it’s made from, RCMP are warning farmers and other rural residents to lock their gas tanks and take extra precautions to keep their fuel safe from siphoners.
Const. Larry Iutzi, with the Milk River detachment, says recently two farmers each had 400 gallons of gas stolen from their operations and thieves targeted an agricultural firm taking gas one night and a pump the next.
Iutzi has also heard of other cases, including a bulk dealer being hit in Bow Island, and a $5,000 gas theft in Picture Butte.
“I think we’re going to see these kinds of thefts escalating with the price of gas going up,” he said. “It’s a big concern.”  From the Lethbridge Herald


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Gas thieves use cigarette lighter at the wrong time

GRAND JUNCTION – The sheriff’s office says two men trying to steal gas from a boat instead started a fire.

The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office says Cody Sellards and Timothy Long tried to steal gas from Hank Ibarra’s boat early Friday morning.

“They were looking inside the gas can to see how much room, or how full the gas can was of gas,” said Heather Benjamin, spokesperson for the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office. “They looked into it with a cigarette lighter and the fumes caught on fire.” More from 9News

File this under “Stupid Criminals”.

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As times get tougher, thieves get going (SC)

On April 9, a trucker called county deputies after he noticed a hose pipe hanging out of his fuel tank. A thief had apparently stolen the fuel from his truck while he slept.

Parked at a Bowman truck stop, the trucker said that around 1:10 a.m., he woke up and noticed his fuel gauges read a lot lower than before he went to bed. Someone had used the hose to siphon diesel from his tanks, according to an Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office incident report.

The man told police the gas thief then sped away in a black Peterbilt tractor-trailer after taking about 100 gallons.

With gas prices climbing daily further north of $3 a gallon, law enforcement officials say the Indiana trucker’s story may not be the last.  More from

Diesel fuel theft is increasing.  As fuel goes beyong $4 per gallon, a locking fuel cap is a good investment. 


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