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More fuel on the way to Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Pipelines supplying Nashville with gasoline were running at full capacity after a shortage that officials said was spurred by panic buying.

Gov. Phil Bredesen said in a news release on Friday that the pipelines supplying Nashville should continue at full capacity into next week.

Still, Bredesen urged Nashvillians to conserve fuel, saying the city could continue to see shortages for the next few days.  More from WRCB

Plan your fuel stops accordingly.  The report says Memphis, Knoxville and Chattanooga are not experiencing any shortages.

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ARKANSAS ALERT: AG: Consumers Should E-Mail Suspect Gas Prices

From – Little Rock:

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel is asking Arkansas consumers to e-mail or text any evidence of price gouging at gas pumps because of Hurricane Ike.

McDaniel said Friday his office has fielded a number of calls complaining about hikes in gas prices because of the hurricane bearing down on the Texas coast. He said his office will look into the claims.

An investigator with his office will have a cell phone over the weekend to receive any pictures documenting unfair price hikes.

McDanile asked consumers to e-mail pictures to or text-message them to 501-539-0969.

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CANADA – Pssst … Wanna buy some diesel fuel?

 HAMILTON, Ont. — Following the disappearance of more than 55,000 liters of diesel fuel from underground storage tanks in and around Hamilton this past weekend, it’s beginning to look like an organized theft ring is operating in the area.

CHCH television news reported several thefts in the area, at least two of which were caught on security cameras. In both cases, two trucks pulling 53-ft van trailers — possibly reefers — pulled up and parked over top of under ground fuel storage tanks. While not actually seen on camera, it’s assumed that the vans were equipped with liquid pumps and storage tanks large enough to accommodate a significant amount of fuel.

In one incident, Gord’s Sunoco in Flamborough lost an estimated 21,000 litres of fuel. In another, First Student bus lines in Brant County (formerly Laidlaw) lost 34,000 liters of fuel.

Video from a security camera at the Sunoco station shows a two-tone tan and maroon colored Peterbilt tractor pulling a non-descript with van pulling into the station and parking over the fuel storage tanks, and then returning to the fuel island to fuel up in the usual manner.  More from Today’s Trucking

The Canadian diesel thieves are much by the same playbook as those here in the US.  Today’s Trucking states that thieves are becoming increasingly creative, giving this example from Pittsburgh:

In Pittsburgh, for example, benzine bandits were caught driving around with a tractor-trailer, parking beside other trucks, and then siphoning the diesel into a 5,000-gallon tank using a vacuum powered by the truck’s engine.

Of course, of great concern to both governments is that stolen diesel is not subject to IFTA taxes and IFTA is watching quarterly fuel reporting to see discrepancies in fuel purchased with regard to miles driven.

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ALERT – The Villages are Calling, They’re Missing Their Idiots

If you ever needed proof of just how inept our Federal government has become, you need look no further than how our politicians have created and mismanaged the energy crisis we face as a Nation. With the price of gas over $4, and the price of diesel hovering at around $4.65 per gallon, and probably heading higher, you’d think that our political office holders would be motivated to find a solution that helped Americans

But instead of working on solutions, the Village idiots are on the loose and putting their political interests ahead of their duty to our country. Want some proof? The village of Nevada called looking for their idiot. We didn’t have to look too far to find Harry Reid, masquerading as the leader of the Senate. In response to questions about what the Senate is doing about the energy crisis Senator Reis responded that “coal and oil make people sick” and that we have to find alternatives to fossil fuels.

The village of New York called looking for their idiot. Step forward and take a bow Maurice Hinchey (D-NY). In his editorial in the Washington Examiner, he called for the federal government to seize control of oil companies. I wish I were kidding, but Rep. Hinchey said, “We [the government] should own the refineries. Then we can control how much gets out into the market.”  More from LogisticsManagement

Regan makes some very interesting points in his article.  One thing to take note of is the last sentence above – the GOVERNMENT wants to control the amount of gas/diesel that gets out into the market.  Can we say “Communism”?  Perhaps that’s been the plan all along.  Refuse domestic drilling and building more refineries.  Create a “crisis” of being reliant upon terrorist supported foreign oil.  Then, the government comes in and “saves the day” by allowing you a certain amount of gasoline. 

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The Irrationality Of Demofuel

By JR Dieckmann

If you think that the high price of gas today is the fault of President Bush, and not due to the obstruction by Democrats of petroleum development over the past 30 years, then consider this: President Bush has asked Congress to approve oil drilling offshore and in ANWR, to try to hold down gas prices in every year of his administration. The Democrats in Congress have consistently blocked it, forcing more and more dependence on foreign oil.

In 1998, the Republican led congress passed legislation to allow drilling in ANWR. President Clinton, on the advice of Al Gore’s radical environmentalism, vetoed it.

For 30 years Republicans have been trying to achieve energy independence by expanding oil production to keep up with growing fuel demands, and allow licensing of new nuclear power plants to keep up with growing energy needs. In every case, these efforts have been blocked by Democrats in Congress. Continue reading

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Trucking company CEO tells of diesel fuel woes

By Aaron Sadler
Stephens Washington Bureau
WASHINGTON – Arkansas trucking company Maverick USA lost money for the first time in its history last year and is on pace to do even worse this year because of record-high fuel prices, the head of the Little Rock-based firm said Monday.

Maverick’s diesel fuel bill is expected to increase 72 percent to nearly $115 million this year if prices merely remain steady at their current all-time high, said company chairman Steven Williams.

At a congressional hearing on the rising cost of fuel, Williams said Congress must develop a strategy to solve the fuel crisis that is driving truckers out of business. More from the Arkansas News Bureau

Thanks to Bill at the ARRA News Service for this story.  Trucking companies are hurting under the increase fuel costs with no real solutions coming out of Washington.  I urge our readers to call, email and fax your congressmen and senators daily to insist upon domestic drilling, buiding new refineries and nuclear power plants and to encourage private industry to develop new technologies to get us off foreign oil.


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Buckeye Lake Truck Stop closing Sunday

BUCKEYE LAKE – It’s the end of an era.

The Buckeye Lake Truck Stop, a local institution for more than 35 years, is closing its doors Sunday at 7 p.m. Manager Charlie Moore said the garage will remain open, but otherwise, it’s closing.

“You just can’t make money at this any more, that’s all,” said Moore. He said many factors contributed to the closure, not the least of which are soaring fuel prices and a recent smoking ban. Everything hit him at once.

Attendant Susan Miller, a 14- year Buckeye Lake Truck Stop employee, said the closure is particularly unfair to Moore, who always went out of his way to help anyone who needed it and regularly contributed to local organizations like the Firebelles, the Tri-County Dive Team, the Buckeye Lake police and firedepartments, and local sports teams. More from The Buckeye Lake Beacon

Another casualty of high fuel prices – this time a truck stop we have all stopped at a time or two while driving through Ohio…..

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American Solutions – Three Ways to Lower Gas Prices

Sign the petition to drill here, drill now by clicking the link below.  The trucking industry relies upon fuel to survive.  In order to survive, we must put an end to the skyrocketing fuel prices, even if it means drilling right in the middle of a pack of carabu. 



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N.Y. truckers plan protest convoy

New York truckers plan a June 19 rally at the state’s capitol to protest the state’s ton- mile tax and other state issues hurting the industry.

Charles Claburn of Hudson Falls started Truckers and Citizens United of New York four months ago after parking his truck. The owner-operator had been leased to Wal-Mart, but diesel and other burdensome business costs motivated him to put his efforts into trying to improve the state’s business climate for owner-operators.

Following a couple of meetings with state representatives over the problems, he is organizing a convoy of truckers and other motorists to bring attention to issues affecting the industry. Albany police and capitol officials have given them permission for the convoy and to host a speakers rally in front of the capitol.  More from


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The Anti-Energy Policy, How Stupid Is That?

by JR Dieckmann

The Democrat anti-oil agenda has to backfire on them sooner or later. The people hardest hit by high gas prices are the very same people the Democrats pretend to represent and support – the poor and lower working class, those who tend to vote Democrat.

The obstacle before us today is to defeat the lies being told by Democrats that blame high oil prices on the Bush Administration and Republicans. The people who are hardest hit by high gas prices have to be made to understand exactly whose policies are causing them to park their cars and take a bus to work. They won’t learn it from the liberal media.

This week in Congress, both houses have been debating the energy bill. The Democrats insist on putting all money and resources into alternative energy development. The Republicans have been willing to go along with the Dems’ plan to invest in alternative energy, but also want to increase domestic oil production to bring down gas prices. The Democrats arrogantly continue to “just say no.“ As a result, the Republican minority will not allow the bills to come to a vote by using their power of filibuster. Democrats are now calling Republicans “the party of no.” Continue reading

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