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Illinois, 41 other states in salmonella outbreak

ATLANTA (AP) — A nationwide salmonella outbreak that has struck 42 states has put about one in five of its victims in the hospital, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday.

Nearly 400 people have become ill in the outbreak that might have killed one person. An elderly woman in Minnesota had the infection when she died, although it’s not clear that salmonella was the cause, a health department spokesman there said.

The same type of salmonella bacteria has been lab-confirmed in 388 cases nationwide, said the CDC, which is leading the investigation but has not yet released the list of states or determined which foods may have caused people to become sick.  More HERE

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Chicken processor cutting jobs

Almost 100 will be laid off at Pilgrim’s Pride

Nearly 100 workers at the Pilgrim’s Pride poultry plant in Athens will lose their jobs Feb. 9, when the company eliminates its nighttime chicken processing shift.

The cutback will affect 227 employees at Pilgrim’s Pride’s fresh food division on Oneta Street, but the company will move more than 50 of those people into the daytime processing shift and 70 to 90 others into the company’s supply division on Barber Street, said Ray Atkinson, a Pilgrim’s Pride spokesman.

The company plans to retain the sanitation shift that cleans between the daytime and nighttime processing crews, Atkinson said.  Full story HERE

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GBI: Stolen-Truck Ring Busted

Four employees of a Montezuma trucking company are accused of stealing at least eight trucks and selling the parts, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Craig Rotter, assistant special agent in charge of the GBI’s Perry office, says the stolen-truck ring came to light when a man working on a truck in a Bibb County repair shop realized that he had installed a part, with the serial number painted on it, in a different truck.

He says GBI and Houston County sheriff’s investigators searched Freeman Transport at 2524 Drayton Road, Montezuma on Tuesday.

Rotter says the group, based at Freeman Transport, stole tractor trailer trucks and took them to the business, where employees would disassemble them.  Full story HERE

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UPDATE: Deadly N.J. Church Shooting Suspect Captured in Georgia

 NEW YORK —  A man accused of driving across the United States and fatally shooting his estranged Indian immigrant wife and another man inside a church has been captured in Georgia.

Joseph M. Pallipurath was arrested around midnight Monday in Monroe, east of Atlanta, said New Jersey district U.S. Marshal James Plousis.

Pallipurath, of Sacramento, California, is suspected of shooting and killing 24-year-old Reshma James inside the St. Thomas Syrian Orthodox Knanaya Church in Clifton, New Jersey, a suburb about 15 miles west of Manhattan.  More from FoxNews

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Obama’s Challenge

By George Friedman  —  From

Barack Obama has been elected president of the United States by a large majority in the Electoral College. The Democrats have dramatically increased their control of Congress, increasing the number of seats they hold in the House of Representatives and moving close to the point where — with a few Republican defections — they can have filibuster-proof control of the Senate. Given the age of some Supreme Court justices, Obama might well have the opportunity to appoint at least one and possibly two new justices. He will begin as one of the most powerful presidents in a long while.

Truly extraordinary were the celebrations held around the world upon Obama’s victory. They affirm the global expectations Obama has raised — and reveal that the United States must be more important to Europeans than the latter like to admit. (We can’t imagine late-night vigils in the United States over a French election.) Continue reading

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Obama went down to Georgia…..

McCain/Palin ’08! 

Well done take on the Charlie Daniels’ favorite.

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Mentally challenged man says his vote wasn’t right

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – There are allegations of voter fraud, as a Dougherty County family claims the vote of a mentally challenged relative was stolen.

They say the adult day rehab program where Jack Justice attends took him to vote, without the family’s permission. What’s worse is Justice says the person helping him wouldn’t cast the ballot for his choice for President.

Jack Justice has been voting since he turned 18. Typically his family takes him to their neighborhood precinct. This time Primus Industries, his adult day rehab program, took him to vote. His family was shocked, but what shocked them more was that Jack claims that his aide commandeered his vote.

“They told me to vote for Obama, I said no I wanted to vote for McCain,” said Jack Justice, a voter.  Full story  here

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Oh, My Gog!

Hal Lindsey from WorldNetDaily

More than 2,500 years ago, a captive of the Babylonian Empire named Ezekiel penned a prophecy, dated for some future era called “the latter days,” saying an alliance will arise, which Ezekiel calls collectively, “Gog, the land of Magog, the ruler of Rosh, Meschech and Tubal.” It, together with an alliance led by Persia, including Turkey, makes up much of the Baltic region and the Mediterranean Middle East.

Without taking up too much time, “Gog” refers to modern Russia, from Moscow (Meshech) to Siberia. (Tubal). “Magog” refers to the states along the Black Sea, and in particular, the Republick of Georgia.

I outlined Ezekiel’s prophecy in 1969 in my book “The Late, Great, Planet Earth” at a time most of this territory was a well-entrenched part of the Soviet Union.

“After many days you shall be visited: in the latter years you shall come into the land that is brought back from the sword, and is gathered out of many people, against the mountains of Israel, which have been always waste: but it is brought forth out of the nations, and they shall dwell safely all of them.” (Ezekiel 38:8)  Read more here

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Glenn Beck interviews Pres. Saakashvili

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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Speeders to pay extra for police fuel

HOLLY SPRINGS, Ga. — The surging price of gasoline has come to this: a “fuel surcharge” on your next speeding ticket.

Drivers caught speeding in this north Atlanta suburb soon will have to pay an extra $12 — to cover $4-a-gallon gas costs for the police officers who stop them.

The City Council passed the fee hike, effective July 1, to offset fuel prices that have eaten up nearly 60% of the police department’s 2008 fuel budget, Police Chief Ken Ball says.


He expects the fee increase, which applies to all moving violations and can be rescinded if gas prices fall below $3 a gallon, to generate $19,500 to $26,000 a year for the town of 7,700.  More from USAToday

Well, at least SOMEONE’S getting a fuel surcharge…..

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