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Glenn Beck – Road to Socialism

Listen up, folks…  Glenn Beck tells it like it is and what is to come…

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Glenn Beck – The One Thing

We are on the fast track to socialism.  Glenn explains how the Socialist Agenda Package (aka the economic stimulus) does NOT do what Washington is claiming.  

Earth to Dennis Kucinich – it is NOT the government’s job to “create” jobs in a capitalist society.  Read your basic high school economics book…

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Glenn Beck Interviews Gov Rod Blagojevich – Part Two

Part one of Part two

Part two of Part two

This one is better than the first…..

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Glenn Beck Interviews Gov. Rod Blagojevich

This is a great interview…  Glenn had a hard time keeping a straight face..

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Common sense from Glenn Beck…

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Glenn Beck: Port-O-Potty

GLENN: When this economy has turned around, and we’re going to have a great party. You don’t need to celebrate my inauguration. I’ll give you a speech, you watch it on television and I have to talk to you about our plan for America. That guy would have a 90 rating! Because if somebody would say common sense. Instead what are they doing? Declaring a state of emergency to be able to pay for this. They are expecting millions of people to show up on the mall, and how many Porta-Potties are they going to have on the mall? How many Porta-Potties are they going to have there for an estimated crowd of 4 million people. 4 million people, if you went in and had to get a permit to do, you know, a big event anywhere, in any city in America and you said, I’ve got 4 million people showing up, how many Porta-Potties would you need? Can you call Kevin real quick or Google? You have — oh, you have it? How many Porta-Potties? We have the strangest meetings at 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning. Kevin walked in and I said, Kevin, I need a little bit of research done. And he said, sure, okay, what do you need? I said, I need the number of Porta-Potties that would be needed for a party of about 4 million people. He said, what? I said, I need a Porta-Potty count. All right. Wrote it down. So how many Porta-Potties, if it was just you or me, how many would you need to get your permit?  Read more from Glenn and Stu here

This is of serious concern, because there is going to be more poo than usual in Washington next week…..

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Christmas Countdown – Happy RamaHanaKwanzMas

That Glenn Beck classic!

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ATAW Exclusive: The Messiah

The Messiah…
By Cathy Hinklin



Once upon a midnight dreary

“The Messiah’s” momma was drunk and weary

She had no wear to lay her head

So with some man she lay in bed  


9 months later in some strange land

Kenya or Hawaii, it might have been

The “typical white grandmother” was surprised to see

“The Messiah” born of color .. how could this be?


Once grown up he’s destined to become

The way for us to accept socialism

Don’t question “the Messiah” on what he says

Or your life will be in disarray

“Examine his taxes and let’s all see

How could someone LIKE YOU DARE question me?”


If we don’t watch out and take a stand

Obama will take over and reveal the real plan

Farrakhan, Ayers and Jeremiah Wright

Have led the “Messiah” in this fight..

No more Christians, NO more Jews,

These are The Messiah’s Islamic views

Rob from the rich to pay the poor,



Take away our right to bear arms,

 killing our babies before they are born,

 gay rights..and everything goes..

where this is heading only God knows..


“calling good evil and evil good”

Are we doing all we should?                                                                                        




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He talked to a plumber….

From Glenn Beck – catchy and oh so true….

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Glenn Beck Presents the Obama National Anthem

Think it is too far off?  Think again…

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