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Tree-living fungus that manufactures diesel could be new source of green energy

A tree-living fungus that manufactures diesel fuel has been discovered in South America.

Experts believe the organism, Gliocladium roseum, could potentially be a completely new source of green energy.

The fungus, which lives inside the Ulmo tree in the Patagonian rainforest, naturally produces hydrocarbon fuel similar to the diesel used in cars and trucks.

Scientists were amazed to find that it was able to convert plant cellulose directly into the biofuel, dubbed ‘myco-diesel’.  More from The Daily Mail


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National news media burying amazing oil breakthrough?

By Joe Kovacs
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It could potentially be one of the biggest energy breakthroughs in history – genetically manipulating bacteria to quickly convert anything that grows out of the Earth into oil. But the biggest names in the national media have thus far not provided any coverage of this possible solution to skyrocketing gas prices and Ameria’s long-term energy security.

A WND story last month introduced to the nation a new technique where altered bacteria “rapidly digest” everything from grass clippings and wood chips, turning them into hydrocarbons for fuels such as gasoline and diesel. If done on a large scale, it could provide billions of barrels of renewable oil every year. More from WorldNetDaily

We won’t ignore it – very interesting read to the end.


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