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7 Houston pallet firm officials face immigration charges

Seven executives and managers at IFCO, a Houston-based pallet company, were charged Friday with conspiring between 2003 and 2006 to harbor illegal immigrants.

In April 2006, immigration agents raided 40 IFCO pallet plants in 26 states and detained 1,182 undocumented workers. Two of the seven officials charged Friday were Spring residents Christopher Tiesman, 40, the senior vice president of finance and accounting; and Kenneth Gines Jr., 51, controller for pallet services.

Tiesman and Gines, along with two other top-level IFCO executives, are charged “in a related conspiracy to defraud the Internal Revenue Service and the Social Security Administration by submitting false payroll-related information to those agencies, and to facilitate the misuse of Social Security numbers by IFCO employees,” said a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Albany, N.Y.  From

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Letter Of Resignation To The RNC; I Quit!

by  JR Dieckmann

After wrestling with this decision for two years now, I have resigned from the Republican party. The party no longer represents my values and I see no hope for real change in the foreseeable future.

The following letter is being sent to the Republican National Committee along with the California Republican Party by U.S. Mail. If you feel the same way, you are welcome to use this letter, or portions of it, for your own letter of resignation if you wish. Then contact your state Secretary of State’s office to change your voter registration.
To: Mike Duncan, Chairman
Republican National Committee
310 First Street
Washington, D. C. 20003

To: California Republican Party
1201 K. Street #740
Sacramento, CA 95814

They tell us that January 20, 2009 will be an historic occasion in American history. I agree, but not for the reasons they give. It will be the first time in history that a majority of American voters have not only elected a black man to POTUS, but also elected an unqualified, no résumé, unaccomplished, radical left, and likely illegal alien, without ever demanding personal history, educational records, health records, military records, or proof of citizenship from this man. He is an absolute zero on qualifications for POTUS.

We expect this from Democrats, but we also expect that the Republican Party would have made an issue of these shortcomings and the lack of qualifications of Barack Hussein Obama. We expected that the Republican party would have made an effort to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and to see that our laws are followed. The Republican party shares the responsibility for this abomination in their negligence and refusal to stand up and fight for our Constitution and conservative values.

You and your Democrat-Lite candidate, John McCain, did neither and allowed this illegitimate candidate to usurp the office of the president. McCain’s campaign was pitiful and failed to bring up even the most basic issues of the Obama candidacy. Issues not only of his citizenship, but his dark associations with radicals (other than Bill Ayres, which was a non starter), his empathy with Islamics, his complete lack of understanding of the Constitution, the free marketplace, American history other than black separatist history, and the principles of freedom and liberty on which our country was founded.

You have not only betrayed all Republicans who have supported you over the years, but betrayed our country and – along with the Supreme Court – have allowed this trashing of our Constitution to continue with unconstitutional spending of taxpayers’ money, and by not demanding a genuine birth certificate from Barack Hussein Obama. I wish the best for Obama, but only if he resigns from this masquerade and chooses another line of work. I can never call him president unless he can prove that he is an American citizen and was born in America.

Not only have you failed to insist that Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution be respected and followed, you offered us, as the only alternative to Obama, John McCain who had virtually no chance of ever winning the support of conservative Republicans. Make no mistake, it was the RNC that forced his candidacy upon us.

You may say “but the voters selected him from the primary candidates.” In fact, he won the nomination only by default. Your obscene voting rules allowing for crossover primary voting by Democrats in many states, early voting in liberal states, and your “big tent” policy of encouraging liberals and moderates into the Republican party who do not share conservative values, simply to grow the party regardless of political ideology, is the reason for McCain’s win in primary voting. He was never the choice of conservative voters or a majority of the party. He was what was left after liberal Republicans refused to support conservative candidates. Your “big tent” is now filled with Democrats.

The Republican party used to be the conservative party and stood for something. Now your lust for increasing party membership and political power has left you with neither. You have abandoned Republican conservatives and conservative principles and have abandoned your voter base in an attempt to grow the party. You see party size and power as being more important than conservative American principles. I find this extremely repulsive and disappointing. When you try to represent everyone, you represent no one and stand for nothing. You have sacrificed quality for quantity and now you don’t even know who you are anymore.

You stand by and do nothing while Democrats lie and commit federal crimes, while throwing your own out in the street for lesser offenses. Why was George Allen forced out? For daring to call a liberal agitator “macaca” (monkey)? Why have Republicans caved to the liberal agenda of political correctness and the global warming fraud? America used to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. You have simply allowed this America to be trashed by your liberal counterparts with little or no resistance.

You have no backbone to stand up for what is right and decent. In Congress, you give and give and Democrats take and take, then stab you in the back when they gain majority power. You should have learned years ago that congressional Democrats are not your friends, they are your opponents and must be treated as such, just as they treat you. There can be no compromise between the two opposing forces of liberalism and conservatism; of socialism and capitalism. You have lost sight of what it means to be Republican. You have allowed the socialists to take over the country without a fight.

I hold you equally responsible along with the liberal media for the results of this 2008 election and the carnage that is sure to follow. The Republican party is devoid of credible leadership and conservative principles. Much of the blame belongs to George W. Bush for his lack of conservative fiscal, small government, and domestic policies. His first four years were spectacular, especially on the foreign policy and national defense issues. Then after reelection, he became a Democrat-lite, along with the entire Republican led congress, which seemed to have adopted the Democrat agenda.

You complain that you couldn’t get your message out. What message? You no longer stand for anything since abandoning conservative ideology. You don’t see Democrats abandoning liberal ideology – do you? They keep moving further and further to the left and you feel, for some reason, that you must do the same. Big mistake. That is where you have gone wrong, and that is where you and I must part company.

You have allowed liberals to pull the entire country into a socialist cesspool of immorality, atheism, socialist indoctrination masquerading as education, welfare handouts, infanticide, environmental extremism, government dependence, and lack of personal responsibility. These are the very opposites of the America’s foundation. We expected the Republican party to defend the American experiment, not hand it over to the communists.

How stupid must you be not to see that you are losing the right in your move to the left? That is why you have lost the past two elections to Democrats. If voters want to vote for Democrats, they will vote for the real thing, not Democrat-lites. Instead of contrasting with the Democrat party, you have tried to blend in with it. The Republican party has become a generic version of the Democrat party but without clear direction or leadership. You refuse to stand up for what’s right and have shown that you would rather switch than fight.

Republican Chairman Mike Duncan has an article at the Center For Republican Renewal entitled “A Path to Republican Renewal” that reads like an Obama speech – “hope and change” but little else. In it he states “I believe the GOP must find a way to relate more to the everyday concerns of families across the country, while at the same time staying true to our core conservative principles and beliefs.” In fact, if you would simply promote conservative American principles, you wouldn’t have to reach out to anyone. They would be reaching out to you. Show some pride in conservatism. That is how it should be, but you just don‘t get it, do you?

In other words, you want to reach out to the left and moderates to grow the party, rather than educate and promote the benefits and rewards of the conservative values that made this country great and strong. You can’t have it both ways. “While staying true to our core conservative principles and beliefs?” Since when? Do you, or the party leadership, even know what those principles are anymore? You abandoned them years ago as soon as you gained control of both Congress and the White House. Other than the mention of “conservative think tanks” this was the only mention of “conservative” in the entire article. I don’t think you even know what the word means anymore.

Conservative” is not just a word you can throw out there to try to hold onto core Republicans, it is an ideology and a conviction that seems to have escaped you and the Republican “party leaders” – if you can call them that. You should have listened to George Allen, Tom Delay, Newt Gingrich, Fred Thompson, Rick Santorum, Mike Pence, Tom Colburn, Duncan Hunter, and others who have tried to get the conservative message out, instead of allowing them to be thrown under the bus.

It is for all of the reasons stated above that I feel the Republican party no longer represents my views and beliefs in the political arena. I hereby renounce my membership in the Republican Party and request that you remove my name, address, and email address from all mailing lists and voter rolls over which you may have control. I no longer want to see your promotions and solicitations in my mail.

I was ready to take this unfortunate step after the losses in 2006 but decided to give you one more chance to see if you would learn the lesson of 06 and come back to traditional conservative principles. I’m sorry to say that you failed the test and have rendered yourself an irrelevant political party because of it. You have shown that you no longer support me and my values, and therefore I can no longer support you as you continue your quest to attract moderate Democrats into your party.

I have reviewed the platforms of both the American Independent Party and the Libertarian Party, as well as the Constitution Party. I find all of them more in line with my views than the Republican Party of today, but none has convinced me to join due to one or more key issues that I disagree with, mainly that of foreign policy.

I have therefore reregistered with the California Secretary of State as an independent voter without party affiliation and will remain so until such time as a party emerges which represents conservative American values without going radically overboard to the detriment of the country; a party much like what the Republican party used to be 20 years ago.

If you really want to rebuild the Republican party, I would suggest to go to the Heritage Foundation and read what Reagan would do. That would be a good start. The course you have chosen now leads to nowhere and it‘s time to abandon ship.

J.R. Dieckmann

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Something Ain’t Kosher in Postville

By Rick Biesada, American Patriot

Last week, demonstrations took place in Postville Iowa against ICE, ( Immigration Customs Enforcement ) because ICE finally did what the American tax payers have been paying them to do — enforce the law against criminal employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens in violation of federal law.

Described as harsh, and punitive immigration raids, by the open border panderers, ICE raided Agri Processors, the nations largest scab labor, kosher meat packing plant, who hires only those who will work for the price below a living wage.

Over twenty years ago, back in 1986, Congress viewed illegal immigration as an out of control economic problem. Their remedy to their abrogation of responsibility, was to grant amnesty to nearly three million illegal aliens under President Reagan and the Simpson – Mazzoli Act; which they all swore would solve all of our immigration problems for ever more… Amen. More from the Federal Observer

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The Tide Has Turned! Americans have illegals on the run!

William Gheen
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

The illegal aliens and their supporters were dealt a massive political blow this past week, when our friends at the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) released Homeward Bound a new report showing an analysis of US Census data, which indicates that illegal immigration is reversing in America!

The ALIPAC Platform has been proven accurate. Our claim that we need to “Enforce our existing immigration laws” and focus on the four aspects of securing the borders, fining employers, removing taxpayer incentives, and empowering local police to enforce immigration laws, which will lead to a reversal of illegal immigration in America has been proven correct!

The CIS report concluded that more illegal aliens are leaving America than coming in due to increased enforcement of immigration laws. Their findings are that the illegal alien population in America has declined by 1.3 Million or 11% since last summer!

The illegal alien supporters were shocked and are attacking the report claiming that it is either not true, true but a bad thing, or the result of the bad economy, instead of enforcement. While our opposition was caught off guard, you can count on them coming back fast with a more cohesive strategy once the shock wears off.   More from ALIPAC

I would like to thank William Gheen and for a great radio program, for allowing me to visit with them on their new radio program, Last Americans Standing Show, on, to discuss blogging and AmericanTruckersAtWar.

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Tanker truck smuggling 49 people stopped by alert agent

SAN DIEGO – Forty-nine people being smuggled into the United States were found Friday morning packed inside the metal tank of a water truck a Border Patrol agent noticed near the notorious Smuggler’s Gulch.

The truck was coming out of a construction area, its driver apparently trying to blend in, when the agent saw it didn’t have a license plate, said Border Patrol Agent Jason Rodgers, a spokesman for the agency.

Rodgers said the agent followed the truck from Monument Road and Hollister Road in an under-the-speed-limit pursuit that ended not far away with the arrest of the driver and a passenger and the discovery of the people crammed inside.  More from SignOnSanDiego

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ATAW Exclusive – An Open Letter to the Republican National Committee

The following is a letter writting to the RNC by Betsy Reed of Texas. Betsy is a conservative Christian and wife of Paul – who served in Iraq with Mark delivering mail to the troops as part of The Iron Pony Express. Betsy has spoken for many of us and she graciously gave us permission to post it here:

My mother used to be a member of the RNC which is the Republican National Committee. They sent a letter starting with:

“I don’t want to believe you’ve abandoned the Republican Party, but I have to ask…..Have you given up?”

The following is my answer to them, and I told them I was her daughter.

You asked if I have given up. Yes, I have given up on the Republican Party, and I am going to tell you why.

When the Republicans had the power and the ability to get things done, they acted like a bunch of wimps as though they were afraid of the Democrats. They would not stand up for good decent values and instead allowed the radical leftist Democrats to dominate and push through rules and regulations that only hurt the United States.

The following is just a small example:

1. Political Correctness. Excuse me? That is just a term used to eliminate free speech and truth from being told. It is used to create fear of persecution if we do not conform to ideas and ideals that are against our values. The Republicans no longer stand up for our the citizen’s of the United States values and ideals and have allowed “political correctness to scare them from standing up for our laws, and our way of life.

2. They allowed God to be taken out of our schools. Our children go to school in fear for their lives as now kids are killing kids, and our kids are morally bankrupt. This country was founded in Godly principals, and on the Ten Commandments. Our Christian rights and heritage are being taken away from us. Where is our (Christians) representation? Just one more example of Republicans acting like wimps.

3.Where is the fence? Kay Bailey Hutchison introduced a bill to stop the fence, and it passed. I have contacted her about this with no response. Our so called Representatives seems to be so pleased with themselves as they allow illegals to come into our country, change our rules and our lives,and live off of our handouts in the form of food stamps and free health care. Then these illegals demand their “rights”? Well, what about our rights as legal law abiding citizens? Doesn’t that account for anything other than we get to pay the bills? Evidently these illegals are also allowed to vote. If not, they soon will as Obama and McCain seems to be pandering to them a lot.

4.The Muslims and terrorists have more rights than a normal U.S. citizen.The decisions that the Supreme Court has made recently by allowing terrorists the same rights as we have to and in our courts is an atrocity. I do blame the Republican Party for this as when they had the majority they could not even get President Bush’s Supreme Court Candidate pushed through to be voted on for the Supreme Court because of the lack of support or initiative by our Republican Representatives.

5. The Republican Party allowed the “Environmentalists” to ruin our country by not allowing the drilling for oil on our own soil years ago, therefore making us reliant on the terrorists filled countries for this oil. By buying oil from them, we are financing their terrorism against us and the rest of the free world.What were they thinking?

Yes, I do blame the Republican Party for not defending our rights. We are losing our loyalty to the Republican Party because they have not listened to us, and not represented us as they were mandated to do. It seems as though when an elected official goes to Washington, they forget that they are supposed to be our representatives, not our leaders. All it seems that they do is become interested in is making this a life long career, and giving themselves more raises and more benefits.

Our Representatives need term limits, and they need a normal salary, and not go into this field thinking “good, I am going to get rich from this.”

When the Republicans had the power and the majority, they failed, and failed miserably. They acted no better than the Democrats.

These are just a few reasons that I can think of off of the top of my head. I have not only given up on both parties, but I am disgusted with them as well.

Everyone I talk to feels the same way, and if you hadn’t noticed the approval rating for our so called Representatives is way down. It is because we have lost confidence in them, both Republicans and Democrats.

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2 arrested after shots fired near U.S.-Quebec border

DERBY LINE, Vt. – Two people were in custody Monday and another was suspected of having fled to Canada after an incident in a Vermont town hugging the U.S.-Canada border.

A U.S. Border Patrol agent was questioning three people in Derby Line suspected of having crossed the border illegally, about 150 kilometres southeast of Montreal, at 2:15 a.m. when he was assaulted “to a point he feared for his life” and shot at the suspects twice, said Mark Henry of the U.S. Border Patrol.

“We have three people who were in the border area that we believe entered from Canada illegally,” Henry said.

One person was arrested and was being held in custody in Vermont and another in Canada, he said, not giving details about the suspects or what kind of charges they could face.

A third is thought to have fled to Canada. It wasn’t known whether this person was either armed or injured from the shots. The two in custody were not hit by the shots.

The RCMP confirmed they arrested one individual who had fled to Canada but another remained at large. They said the suspects were not Canadian.  From

Suspects are not Canadian…  interesting…….

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2 Supervisors Are Arrested After Sweep at Meat Plant

Two supervisors at a kosher meatpacking plant in Iowa where hundreds of illegal immigrants were rounded up in May were arrested Thursday on criminal immigration charges.

Federal prosecutors said they had also issued an arrest warrant for a third man described by workers as a plant manager.

The supervisors, Juan Carlos Guerrero Espinoza and Martin De la Rosa Loera, were arrested at the Agriprocessors plant in Postville, prosecutors said. They were the first employees who were not rank-and-file workers to be arrested since 389 illegal immigrants were rounded up at the plant on May 12, said Bob Teig, a spokesman for the United States attorney for the Northern District of Iowa. More from Yahoo Business

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Curbing benefits for illegal immigrants

A new ballot initiative that would bar illegal aliens from obtaining state benefits has been launched in Arkansas.

Supporters have until July 7 to garner the nearly 62,000 signatures needed to send the issue to the people. The measure, if approved by voters, would require that government agencies at the state, county, and city levels verify the legal status of any person at least 14-years-old who is applying for state benefits.

Secure Arkansas is sponsoring the ballot initiative. Spokeswoman Debbie Pelley says the initiative would bar illegal aliens from getting driver’s licenses, business licenses, assisted housing, welfare, and other various government benefits.

She says roughly 90 percent of the people who have been approached have signed the petition, and she says some people have even been willing to wait in line to sign it. Pelley adds it is almost unbelievable to see that kind of support for a conservative issue. From OneNewsNow

Come on, fellow Arkansans!  Contact SecureArkansas and sign this petition.  As the article states, the response is overwhelming.  I have seen people here in Bradley County who usually do not get too involved in such issues clamoring to help get signatures.  It is about fiscal responsibility regarding our tax dollars and not wanting to subsidize illegal activity (coming here illegally). 

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Dogs find 51 Mexicans in U.S.-bound avocado truck

NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico (Reuters) – U.S. border police said on Thursday they had found 51 illegal Mexican immigrants, among them a 5-year-old boy, hidden inside a refrigerated trailer carrying avocados into the United States.

Border agents said they found the Mexicans crammed into the back of the truck on Wednesday when police dogs sniffed humans among the avocados at a checkpoint just north of the U.S.-Mexico border near Laredo, Texas.

The truck was a chilly 57 degrees (14 C), U.S. border patrol spokesman Eugenio Rodriguez said.

“The illegals were thinly clothed. They could have begun to suffer hypothermia if they had been in there any longer,” Rodriguez told Reuters by telephone. More from Reuters

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