Professional, Polite, Prepared to Kill

Resistance is Survival

As 2009 begins, a new administration assumes power in Washington D.C., and world events continue to illustrate the global threat of Islamic supremacism, we must continue to focus on our efforts in preparedness, planning, and persistence in defending equality and liberty. The responsibility to defend equality and liberty against Islamic supremacism is not an option for a free society; it is fundamental to our very survival.

1. Importance of Timely Preparedness Efforts Now

While the November 2008 Mumbai attacks have illustrated how Islamic supremacist terrorists can attack anytime, anywhere, it is essential that we continue to take steps to protect ourselves as much as practical from such attacks. The effort to defend equality and liberty from Islamic supremacism is not fatalistic; our defense of such inalienable human rights remains one of most optimistic movements in human history. It is based on more than optimism, however; such defense of equality and liberty is based on our declaration of such inalienable human rights that are an innate part of our identity as Americans. Therefore, we must also not be fatalistic in our stance regarding our personal and family preparedness against another Islamic supremacist terrorist attack. Those standing against Islamic supremacism remain valuable and precious resources.

Over the past several weeks, I have heard of additional reports from the counterterrorism community not only of heightened perceptions of threats to America’s security during the transfer of power, but also for a number of months following this. We have seen the history of Islamic supremacist terrorists in seeking to challenge new government administrations in the UK and elsewhere around the world. Whether or not such threat perceptions materialize into any future attacks, it makes sense now to revisit our current preparedness plans and resources – just as we take precautions against any other type of potential emergency.
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