Professional, Polite, Prepared to Kill

My view of America if we sit idly by…. as the Liberals continue to do nothing

By John Bootie

Do you remember where and what you were doing seven years ago, on September 11?

I know that I do. I was midway between Shanksville and the Pentagon when the first stories of a plane hitting one of the Twin Towers broke over the TV, and radio waves.

We are lucky to still hear about that day, no thanks to the liberal media and elitists who think the scenes are too gruesome and horrendous. They want to hide the facts and pretend that it was a conspiracy theory, that our own government either knew it was coming or had a hand in it.

I also remember that fateful day November 22, 1963, the day President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas. As with 9-11 America was kicked while some people pretended as if nothing happened.

December 7th, 1941 was a Day in Infamy for my parent’s generation.

Every 20 or so years, we seem to dose off to be awaken with a kick in the stomach. NO I didn’t forget the 80’s. March 1981, the day America held its breath after President Ronald Wilson Reaganwas shot by John Hinkley. Fortunately for America, Reagan lived,

Today John Hinkley is trying to become a FREE man. If the Liberals have there way, he will get his wish.

Liberals want to say the War on Terror is our fault, that we deserved it, or we started it. Not one of them thinks we should be fighting this war. Most of them want to fight terror in a court room.

If they get their wish it would be President Bush that would be tried for terror, not the terrorists. For seven years now the LIBERALS have tried every way they can imagine to either get Bush out of office or end the War on Terror.

The liberals say “if we would just talk to them, or if we would just be more understanding of how they think or feel.”

I say BS its time to stand up and be counted.

I am Number 1 – to say kill them before they kill our men, women and children, before we have suicide bombers and IED’s exploding here in our cities and towns. Leave it to the liberals and it will not be long.  Let’s see who else is ready to stand up.

1) John Bootie – Manheim, PA
2) Jason Bootie – Columbia, PA

(John Bootie is an American trucker and independent candidate for President of the United States. His website is

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Why Should Conservatives Be Loyal to Maverick McCain’s Ego?

A message from John Bootie – Independent candidate for President and fellow trucker:

That one is easy, we should NEVER displace our morals and values for anyone we can’t truly vote for. If their not expounding our morals and values now, they won’t worry about US after they get in office.

President Bush wasn’t perfect but he did some good. But if we remember back in ’99 and ’00 he was portrayed as a compassionate conservative. He showed us what that means, when it came to border security and spending, didn’t he?

Let’s not get duped by the media again! We have several truly good Independents running, but NO ONE is willing to give them a real chance or helping hand. NO VOTE is ever wasted unless it’s not cast.

I won’t support the likes of John McCain. He’s NO better than: Barack Hussein Obama, or Hillary Diane Clinton.  And putting your head in the sand or holding your nose and voting for a person who DOES NOT hold your values will come back to haunt you.

May the one and only true GOD bless you

John Bootie

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Election options

While it doesn’t seem like we have much choice in the Presidential election, our “Politics” links on our sidebar lists some interesting candidates for you to look at.

If you live in Tennessee, check out Lenny Ladner, running for US Senate.  William Russell wishes to unseat John Murtha in Pennsylvania (PA voters, I would love to see that happen) and Jim King in Florida is working hard for our veterans.  Also, look at John Bootie – Independent candidate for President.


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John Bootie Talks Fuel Prices

Independent candidate for President, John Bootie, discusses high diesel costs in an email to a fellow trucker.  (Used with permission from John Bootie)

Hello John Bootie here.

Slynay, Thank you for contacting my campaign, about your concerns on the high fuel costs.

Slynay, I am a driver also, so I will tell you what I do and then tell you what I would like to see done. And attempt to do to make changes at the pump for all fuels.

Slynay my personal driving habits as a company driver are probably easier than for a owner operator.

No matter the cost at the pump, we all can do some steps to reduce fuel consumption. Along with reduced usage comes lower prices. Continue reading

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Independent presidential candidates debate this weekend in Cincinnati

The city of Cincinnati, Ohio is host to 24 candidates for the what is arguably the world’s top political office. As the United States presidential election draws nearer, the candidates meet to debate the issues with each other.

The city of Cincinnati, Ohio is host to 24 candidates for the what is arguably the world’s top political office. As the United States presidential election draws nearer, the candidates meet to debate the issues with each other.

But you won’t find anyone named Hillary or Barack on stage. You will find men named John, but they’re Jon Greenspon, John Blyth, and John Bootie, not Republican favorite McCain. More from

Word from the Bootie campaign is the event was quite exciting! There are over 100 Independent candidates for President. Many are unknown outside internet blogs, average people. Like so many of us John Bootie is an American trucker who got out of the cab and decided to try to make a difference. We are looking forward to a report from the Bootie campaign on this weekend’s event.


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A Message from John Bootie, American Trucker and Independent Candidate for President

Running for President I have had to rethink how I view this great Nation we live in.

The polities of today have become so nasty and hateful. But if your conservative its open season. Liberals do and are allowed to say anything they want and the media either ignores it or protects the offender.

Although since Barack Hussein Obama, has been running and pretty much the front runner and chosen democrat. Even the liberals that don’t agree with Barack Hussein Obama, are beginning to be trashed. Case in point former vice presidential running mate Mrs Geraldine Ferraro was trashed and thrown over board from the Senator Hillary Diane Clinton’s campaign. For simply saying the truth that if Barack Hussein Obama were WHITE he would not be the front runner today.

This campaign has been anything but about the issues. It’s been filled with race-bating and sexism from the democrat side. Senator John Sydney McCain has been appeasing the democrats instead of running a campaign on the issues 90% of the time him self. Continue reading

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Independents’ Day

American trucker and independent candidate for president, John Bootie, will be attending “Independents’ Day” at the University of Cincinnati, April 5th and 6th, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Billed on it’s website as “the single most significant political event of the 21st century”, Independents’ Day will bring together scores of independent candidates from across the country in one forum.  For more information, visit MiddleClass2008.

(Note:  ATAW is not supporting any particular candidate at this time, but strongly encourages our readers to visit John Bootie’s website,

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