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KBR Seeks to Blame Army, Insurgents for Iraq Deaths

By Laurel Brubaker Calkins and Margaret Cronin Fisk

Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) — KBR Inc. and its former parent, Halliburton Co., filed a request in court to tell a jury that the U.S. Army and Iraqi terrorists are responsible for deaths and injuries to company truck drivers in Iraq in 2004.

Families of the dead and injured drivers claim in a federal lawsuit that KBR and Halliburton officials sent unarmed civilians into active-combat zones in April 2004 knowing they would be attacked and possibly killed. The contractors and their families say Houston-based KBR misrepresented the risk and should be held accountable.

The military isn’t a party to the lawsuit, and the action by Halliburton and KBR won’t force the army to defend its conduct in court. The companies are using a Texas law that lets juries consider whether others bear responsibility for some of a victim’s injuries, even if those third parties aren’t named in the lawsuit.   More HERE

How can one go to Iraq in 2004 and NOT know they are going to a war zone? 

When my husband went to Iraq in January 2004 as an American trucker with KBR, we knew what we were up against.  The middle east on a good day is a dangerous place for a westerner…  Of course, the first clue, as a dear friend and fellow contractor wife said, that it is a dangerous world over there was when they were issued kevlar helmets…

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Philip Berg on BlogTalkRadio Tonight

Join Mark McGrew tonight as he interviews attorney Philip Berg regarding his lawsuit regarding the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to be president.  Also joining Mark will be Matt Bruce, host of The Captains America radio program.

Listen live HERE at 7pm EST

(Thanks to Capt Matt of The Captains America for the heads up)

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KGL, Iraq Contractor, May Avoid $4.9 Million Fatality Verdict

Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) — A federal judge has said he may be forced to render an “injustice” and cancel his order telling a Kuwaiti military contractor in Iraq to pay $4.9 million to the family of a U.S. Army officer killed in a road accident.

The contractor, Kuwait & Gulf Link Transport Co., is asking U.S. District Judge William Duffey in Atlanta to throw out the 2007 default judgment, arguing he lacks jurisdiction over the foreign company for a wreck that happened overseas.

Duffey’s remarks at a Dec. 5 hearing suggest he is leaning in that direction, said an attorney for the family of deceased Lieutenant Colonel Dominic Rocco Baragona. The judge might rule at any time.

“I think what the defendant has done here is ghastly,” the judge said, referring to the Safat, Kuwait-based trucking company, according to a transcript of the hearing. “I’m going to interpret my law and my Constitution the way my courts tell me that I should, even though in the bottom of my heart I might think that I am ultimately working an injustice.”  More HERE

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Rough Road for the Gospel: New York Tries to Censor Evangelist’s Truck

It’s Daniel Burritt’s truck. It’s his land. It’s his personal religious belief.

It’s just not his legal right, says the New York Department of Transportation, to share that belief on that property, using that truck.

For the last 17 months, Burritt has stored supplies for his company, Acts II Construction, Inc., in a strategically parked trailer – on his private business property – facing traffic from both directions along U.S. Route 11. On that trailer, in large capital letters, is a message:


Not long after he posted that message, officials from the nearby town of Gouverneur tried to force him to remove it but backed off after Alliance Defense Fund allied attorneys contacted them. Then, in May of last year, Burritt received a letter from the New York State Department of Transportation accusing him of violating state law by posting his message without a permit. More than that, they said, the message-bedecked trailer was a “public nuisance.” Either Burritt could remove the message, or they would. Full story HERE

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Kin of NY man trampled by shoppers sue Wal-Mart

GARDEN CITY, N.Y. (AP) – The family of a worker trampled to death in a “Black Friday” crush of bargain hunters at a Long Island Wal-Mart store filed a wrongful-death lawsuit on Wednesday, claiming store ads offering deep discounts “created an atmosphere of competition and anxiety” that led to “crowd craze.”The lawsuit claims that besides failing to provide adequate security for a pre-dawn crowd estimated at 2,000, Wal-Mart “engaged in specific marketing and advertising techniques to specifically attract a large crowd and create an environment of frenzy and mayhem and was otherwise careless, reckless and negligent.”

Wal-Mart, the adjacent Green Acres Mall, a realty company that manages the property and a security company hired to patrol the property were all named as defendants. None immediately responded to phone and e-mail inquiries seeking comment.  More HERE

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The Captain’s AMERICA Radio Show For Dec. 2nd


Tune in today to hear ‘The Captain’ and Frank Salvato, Managing Editor of the New Media Journal, discuss all the latest on the U.S. Supreme Court holding a “conference” on Friday Dec. the 5th to determine what the future of a case which challenges President’Elect Barack Obama‘s name on the 2008 election ballot citing questions over his citizenship…

You’ll also hear a discussion about our economy now being in a ‘recession’. Somebody forgot to tell all the Christmas Shoppers out on Black Friday and last weekend across America…

Then you’ll hear the ‘Dynamic Duo’ talk about Hillary Clinton being named the new Secretary of State designate with her husband ‘Bill’ being mentioned as her U.S. Senate replacement in New York…

There’s more political news today with Sen. Mel Martinez (R-FL) announcing he won’t seek another term in 2010. Right away names Mentioned were the former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and the current Florida Governor Charlie Crist

Then you’ll hear the latest about the Terrorist attacks on Mumbai, India and who was responsible. There’s also talk about a Cruise Ship leaving Rome having a ‘brush’ with some Somali ‘Pirate’ and the ship managed to ‘outrun’ the Pirates…

You’ll also hear Part 2 of our Israeli News interview with former PA Deputy Attorney General Phillip Berg who also has a case ‘pending’ for “discussion” with our Supreme Court

Get in on hearing what you won’t hear being discussed anywhere else because people do not want you to know about it…

God Bless America & all those who defend, protect and serve America keeping all of us FREE & SAFE…

‘The Captain’


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The Captain’s AMERICA Radio Show For Dec. 1st, 2008


Hear an interview with former PA Deputy Attorney General Phillip Berg and all the latest about his lawsuit against Barack Obama demanding he produce his ‘original’ birth certificate to prove he’s eligible to be our next President…

God Bless America!

‘The Captain’


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First Court Hearing on Obama’s Birth Certificate on Tuesday, Nov 18, 2008

Right Side News
Andy Martin is in Honolulu this weekend preparing for the first court hearing on the Obama birth certificate controversy.  His press release is as follows:

This will be the first court hearing anywhere on access to the original, 1961 certificate. The only state that has jurisdiction over such a lawsuit is Hawai’i, because Hawai’i officials are the custodians of the 1961 typewritten paperwork.

Before we get to the back story, let me start with a disclaimer. I have no idea what the judge will do on Tuesday. I make no predictions, except one: I will prepare to the best of my ability and present as professional a case as the judge permits. Monday morning I will be on the street serving papers and filing with the Clerk in preparation for Tuesday.  More from RightSideNews 

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‘Constitutional crisis’ looming over Obama’s birth location

Alan Keyes lawsuit warns America may see ‘usurper’ in Oval Office

The California secretary of state should refuse to allow the state’s 55 Electoral College votes to be cast in the 2008 presidential election until President-elect Barack Obama verifies his eligibility to hold the office, alleges a California court petition filed on behalf of former presidential candidate Alan Keyes and others.

The legal action today is just the latest is a series of challenges, some of which have gone as high as the U.S. Supreme Court, over the issue of Obama’s status as a “natural-born citizen,” a requirement set by the U.S. Constitution.

The biggest question is why Obama, if a Hawaii birth certificate exists, simply hasn’t ordered it made available to settle the rumors.  More from WorldNetDaily

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Washington State: King Co. judge to hear Obama citizenship issue

A Fall City man plans to ask a King County judge Monday to declare that Barack Obama is constitutionally ineligible to be elected president.

Steven Marquis, who says he is an electrical engineer for a company in Bothell, claims Obama’s birth certificate from Hawaii does not prove he is a natural-born citizen because it doesn’t show the name of the hospital, a doctor’s name or a baby’s footprint.

Marquis, who intends to represent himself, said his legal challenge is one of several across the country that alleges the 47-year-old senator from Illinois was not born in the United States, but in Kenya, the country of his father’s origin.

“I’ll have my day in court,” said Marquis. More here

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