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I Have Left the Country


J. D. Pendry

I left the country. Do you like that tired old political cliché? I did not leave the party, the party left me. Well, I am just kidding because I only left the country to visit my Grandbabies that are a short 14 hour plane ride past Atlanta. America is my country. Unlike the Hollywood nitwits who all threaten to abandon America whenever someone other than the most unqualified and liberal candidate in the nation’s history is elected president, I will only abandon America for whatever follows this mortal life. Before, however, it was the Democrats and now it is the Republicans who have left me.  More from

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Spread the Wealth Around

Many thanks to Capt. Matt Bruce of The Captain’s America…  Let’s enjoy this while we can still laugh at it!

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“The Captain’s AMERICA” Radio Show Podcast – October 13


The economy’s gone bad, people don’t like the ‘bailout’, folks are still upset over Iraq and who do they all try to blame??? President George W. Bush and the Republicans in Congress…

Nevermind the FACT that things were going pretty good until 2006 when the ‘Democrats’ took control of both the House and the Senate. It’s all been ‘downhill’ ever since!

Just take a look as gas pump prices and use them as a measure of the Democrats leadership. The National average for gasoline when they took over was $2.20 per gallon, diesel was $2.17 and in the past 2 years we
saw prices go ‘over $5.00 per gallon for each of those commodities.  Does that tell you something about this great ‘leadership’ we’ve seen From the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry ‘The-War-Is-Lost’ Reid???

You’ll hear the latest Zogby Polling info, more about Barack Obama‘s connections to ACORN and now the Kenyan government where we’ve learned he helped to raise $1 million for the Kenyan President to get elected.  That same President who has Muslim ties to a Radical Islamic Group…

If you feel it’s way past time to take back America for Americans and those who want America to remain FREE and SAFE, you’ve got to keep your eyes and ears open and keep telling people to “be careful what
you wish for”…

It’s time to look at how good America can be, not how bad it’s been?  Going forward is the direction I’m headed, how about YOU???

Folks, ask yourself this basic question, “Are You Better Off Today Than You Were 2 Years Ago???”…

Then you’ll hear some Tampa Bay Rays game info with the Rays playing today in Boston at Fenway Park. Don’t forget about the Bucs either who won big against the Carolina Panthers and now share the lead in the
NFL South…

Get in knowing what others don’t and won’t unless they listen to “The Captain’s AMERICA Radio Show”…

‘The Captain’


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Wisconsin voter warns McCain about socialism, ACORN

Wisconsin man speaks his mind at today’s McCain/Palin rally.  McCain promises to get tough on ACORN and more…..

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Bush Bailout Derails Democrat Election Tactic

By:  JR Dieckmann

Why did so many Republicans vote for a socialist bailout bill that goes against everything Republicans have always stood for? More to the point, why did President Bush push this bill so hard and even refuse to consider any alternatives, such as bankruptcy or the alternate private sector market solution proposed by House Republicans?

Despite what the Democrats and their media have been trying to put over on the public, and in spite of a number of major threats to our country and the free market, the economy has been in relatively good condition throughout the Bush administration until now. Granted, President Bush’s methods of keeping the economy out of recession have driven up the national debt and served to keep an artificial bubble inflated, but the economy has stayed strong, up until now.

Is it really any coincidence that economic troubles always seem to pop up in an election year when a Republican president inhabits the White House? And each time, Democrats make the same claim; that it’s all the president’s fault and the answer is more socialism in America. It’s interesting to note however, that when you look below the surface, you usually find Democrats at the heart of the economic problem. Continue reading

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The Skit SNL Tried to Ban from YouTube

Come on, folks – you know NOTHING goes away on YouTube!

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Karl Rove Bashes Pelosi For Vicious bailout Speech

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Pelosi, Pickens plan to pick your pocket

TV commercials touting a new clean energy strategy and an environmental ballot measure in California both have one thing in common: if they succeed, they’ll make

The ads champion Texas oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens’ “Pickens Plan” to move our nation from foreign oil dependence to domestically produced wind power and natural gas fuel for automobiles. The plan is touted as a cleaner, more eco-friendly alternative to our current reliance on coal power and gasoline.

The ballot initiative is California’s Proposition 10, known as the California Renewable and Clean Alternative Fuel Act, which would spend $5 billion in California bond money ($10 billion by the time the interest is paid, according to the L.A. Times) to promote natural gas as an cleaner alternative for automobile and truck fuel.  More from WorldNetDaily

And who is invested in Pickens’ company? Apparently Nancy “Lights Out” Pelosi….

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Pelosi is as crazy as Reid

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi wants to “save the planet,” and therefore will not allow an up or down vote in the House to open up offshore oil drilling. Apparently, Madame Speaker agrees with Crazy Harry Reid that “we’re hurting the planet” by using oil, and we ought to “stop using fossil fuels.”

How do we “stop using” antifreeze, anesthetics, anything plastic, bandages, basketballs and candles? Detergents, dice or epoxy glue? Paint, guitar strings or insect repellent? Lipstick, life jackets or roofing? Shaving cream, shower curtains or toilet seats? These and hundreds of other common everyday items in our lives are made, in whole or part, with oil.

If they mean “stop using gasoline,” that’s only 19.5 gallons in a 42 gallon barrel. The rest of that barrel is spun into nearly everything you see around you from medicine to furniture to clothing – everything that makes our standard of living possible. “Stop using” oil makes no sense. This is shrieking madness.  Read more by Roger Hedgecock at WorldNetDaily

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Ethanol raises food costs without solving U.S. fuel problem

Bill Becker, in his May 24 Voices letter claims, “Ethanol is a significant step in the right direction for the U.S. to gain fuel independence.” He couldn’t be more wrong. The 6 billion gallons of ethanol produced in 2007 barely generated a 15-day supply of fuel. And it took 25 percent of total U.S. corn production and a cost to taxpayers of $6 billion in federal and state subsidies, tax credits and tax exemptions to do it.

If the entire U.S. grain harvest were used to make ethanol, it would provide scarcely 18 percent of our automotive fuel needs each year; today ethanol barely supplies 3 percent.

Becker brought up the five top U.S. oil company profits of $123 billion in 2007, but what he fails to mention is that $87 billion went to pay U.S. income tax; $24 billion was paid to U.S. shareholders in dividends, and $8 billion was for participating in the drilling of 17,000 new oil wells in 2007.

Speaking of profits, Archer Daniels Midland produces one-fourth of U.S. ethanol annually. Its profit in 2006 was $10.8 billion only made possible by subsidies, tax credits and exemptions. ADM has been costing the U.S. economy billions for years.  More from the Springfield, Missouri, News Leader

A good explanation of ethanol and why it is not a viable alternative to oil.  Nancy “Lights Out” Pelosi is still on her “vacation”, as are other Democrats as Republicans continue in Washington, demanding they return to work on a real solution to high fuel costs.

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