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Getting their goat

Police in Nigeria have arrested a goat on suspicion of car theft. According to a spokesman for the Kwara state police, a group of vigilantes spotted a pair of crooks trying to break into and steal a Mazda 323. But when the vigilantes attempted to stop the robbery, the car thieves fled. “They pursued them,” the spokesman told Reuters. “However, one of them escaped while the other turned into a goat.” Police say they are holding the animal until they can either scientifically prove the suspected car thief morphed into the hoofed animal or until the goat’s owner comes forward to claim ownership.  From WORLD Magazine

I can only imagine the goat’s sentence in court – death by roasting….


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Falling Fortunes, Rising Hopes and the Price of Oil

By Peter Zeihan (from

Oil prices have now dipped — albeit only briefly — below US$40 a barrel, a precipitous plunge from their highs of more than US$147 a barrel in July. Just as high oil prices reworked the international economic order, low oil prices are now doing the same. Such a sudden onset of low prices impacts the international system just as severely as recent record highs.

But before we dive into the short-term (that is, up to 12 months) impact of the new price environment, we must state our position in the oil price debate. We have long been perplexed about the onward and upward movement of the oil markets from 2005 to 2008. Certainly, global demand was strong, but a variety of factors such as production figures and growing inventories of crude oil seemed to argue against ever-increasing prices. Some of our friends pointed to the complex world of derivatives and futures trading, which they said had created artificial demand. That may well have been true, but the bottom line is that, based on the fundamentals, the oil numbers did not make a great deal of sense.

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Personal Finance: Don’t let Web scams ruin holiday

‘Tis the season for making merry. Or in some cases making mischief, especially on the Web.

Whether you’re shopping online or just checking your personal e-mail, don’t get financially fooled this holiday season.

“In this economy, when we’re all trying to get the most bang for our buck, we’re letting down our guard,” said Parry Aftab, a privacy attorney and the new family Internet safety adviser for McAfee Inc., a computer security firm.

The hectic holidays, when people are hurrying and hunting for bargains, are especially ripe for online ripoffs, experts say.  More HERE

The article lists some good tips on shopping safe during the Christmas season.  There will be the normal scams – Nigerians hoping someone will send them $50 in exchange for millions, phony emails from “PayPal”, “Ebay”, FedEx” and others wanting your bank information to “verify” a non existant purchase or packages you don’t remember ordering. 

For truckers, on line ordering is a blessing, as it is for those of us who live far from shopping areas.  It is easy to just point, click and have the latest, greatest “stuff” dropped right at your front door.  As scammers and phishers get more sophisticated, you have to stay one step ahead, although much of it is common sense.  Don’t believe the Nigerians – they will only take all your money.  Chances are, if you get an email from FexEx or UPS saying you have a package waiting that you didn’t order, it is a scam.  Call FedEx or UPS and verify – do NOT give information via the link provided in the email.  If you are a little more “tech savvy” with your email account, you will be able to check the origin of a suspcious email by checking the “full headers” which list, among other important things the FBI will need when you report it, the real email address of the sender.  Most scammers will use a false email to cover their true identiy.

Be cautious of who you shop with on line.  Instead of your Visa, MasterCard or debit card, buy one of those “disposable” credit cards available at truck stops, WalMart and other retailers for your on line shopping. 

The only way to be completely safe, of course, is to walk into the store and pay cash.

Enjoy the Christmas holiday season, but be cautious.

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