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4 arrested on Oakdale milk theft charges

Authorities arrested two men and two women they claim shorted Foster Farms Dairy of millions of dollars’ worth of milk over the past three years, the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department reported Friday.

The fraud scheme was the work of a milk hauler and two Oakdale dairies: Belo Dairy in the 11100 block of Cleveland Avenue and Silveira Dairy in the 9400 block of Alvarado Road, said sheriff’s spokesman deputy Royjindar Singh.

Arrested on suspicion of grand theft were Jose Teixeira Sr., 47, of Stevinson; Elmiro “Tony” Belo, 59, of Escalon; Maria Silveira, 60, of Escalon; and Bernadette Silveira, 42, of Escalon.

Teixeira is a truck driver and operates Teixeira Tank Transport of Modesto, Belo owns Belo Dairy and Maria Silveira owns Silveira Dairy, according to business records and sheriff’s officials.  Full story HERE

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Florida Deputies Recover Truckload of Stolen Guns


A truckload of guns reported stolen from Jacksonville was recovered Monday in St. Johns County.

The Gander Mountain tractor-trailer was found by St. Johns deputies off Interstate 95 at East Twin Court Way.

Investigators said a “large amount of firearms” were still in the truck, but they were waiting for company officials to inventory the contents before they would know if any were missing.

In addition to St. Johns deputies, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were all investigating the theft.  From

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FBI Press release

MICHAEL J. GARCIA, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and ANDREW CUOMO, the Attorney General of the State of New York, announced that TAHIR ALI KHAN pleaded guilty yesterday to a four-count superseding Information charging him with conspiracy to commit bank, wire and credit card fraud, and aggravated identity theft. ALI KHAN was the lead defendant in a 15 defendant, multi-count Indictment unsealed on August 15, 2007, and is the tenth defendant to plead guilty. According to the Indictment, the Superseding Information, other documents filed in the case, and statements made in court in connection with ALI KHAN’s guilty plea:

ALI KHAN was the leader of a fraud ring (the “Khan Ring”) that produced false identification documents purporting to have been issued by state and federal government authorities, including driver’s licenses, resident alien cards, social security cards, and tax identification documents. The false identification documents were produced in the names of fraudulent identities, to which members of the Khan Ring referred to among themselves as “chickens.” In order to build financial credit for these fake identities, the Khan ring fraudulently established bank accounts, credit card accounts, apartment leases, and telephone and utility accounts in the names of the “chickens.” The Khan Ring also applied for and obtained lucrative bank loans, home mortgage loans, increased credit card limits, lines of credit, and other financial benefits in the names of the fraudulent identities or in the names of sham businesses supposedly operated by those fraudulent identities. The Khan Ring then defaulted on the loans and credit card debt, causing millions in losses to numerous financial institutions, including the Bank of America. Current loss estimates from the Khan Ring’s fraudulent activities exceed $20 million.

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Explosive Fertilizer, Blasting Caps Stolen in Nevada County

FLORISTON (NEVADA COUNTY), CA – News10 has learned the theft of explosives from a mountainside bunker east of Truckee involved hundreds of pounds of high-yield fertilizer and blasting caps. The remote location ten miles west of the Nevada state line offered the thieves privacy while allowing the crime to go undetected for up to a week and a half.

The thieves removed the doors from the two steel vaults by sawing through the hinges. The heavy doors still lay on the ground in front of the vaults covered with fingerprint powder.

The Nevada County Sheriff’s Department and ATF declined to discuss the type of explosives taken, saying only that they belonged to a licensed contractor who owned and stored them legally.

Investigators don’t know if the thieves deliberately targeted the vaults because they have some kind of plan for the explosives, or if was simply a crime of opportunity and the perpetrators don’t know what they’ve got.

Agents are concerned about the amount of explosives taken regardless of the motive.

“You could have people that are sophisticated or you could have people that really have no idea what they came upon,” said ATF Senior Special Agent Nina Delgadillo. “And in the latter case it’s still a concern because obviously we don’t want anybody to be injured whether it’s them or an innocent party.”

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

Tips can be called in to (888) ATF-BOMB or the Nevada County Sheriff’s Department at (530) 470-2400.


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Reward offered for information about truck hijacking

By Tracy Manzer, Staff Writer
Article Launched: 08/15/2008 11:20:01 PM PDT

LONG BEACH – A reward was offered Friday by the owner of cargo hijacked when three armed men took a big rig from the truck’s driver at gunpoint.

VSR Logistics lost an entire shipment of its high-end electronics when the all-white 18-wheeler was taken from the truck’s owner and operator as he prepared to enter the Long Beach (710) Freeway at Del Amo Boulevard shortly before 1:30 a.m. Thursday, police said.

On Friday, VSR announced a $10,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of the cargo as well as any information that can help bring about the arrest and conviction of the hijackers, said Officer Jackie Bezart, a Long Beach Police Department spokeswoman.

The LBPD’s Robbery Division and the California Highway Patrol’s Cargo Theft Unit are investigating the brazen case, she said.

The owner of the truck told police he was about to enter the 710 Freeway at Del Amo when he saw a vehicle stopped on the side of the on-ramp.

As he pulled up, the three men – described only as Hispanic – drew their guns and walked toward the semi, forcing the driver out of his truck at gunpoint, Bezart said.

The truck and trailer – which contained a variety of high-end electronics – was taken and the driver was not hurt, Bezart said.

Neither the tractor nor the trailer are labeled. Bezart described it as a 54-foot, all-white tractor trailer and said the license-plate number on the trailer is GT66777 and the plate number on the tractor is 7556776.

Anyone with information about the hijacking is asked to call LBPD detective David Foltz at 562-570-7465 or CHP detective Nick Perez at 213-216-3175. From the Long Beach PressTelegram

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UPDATE: Missing pharmaceuticals trailer found empty in Kentucky

WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE – A tractor-trailer loaded with narcotic pharmaceuticals stolen Wednesday in Fayette County was found Thursday afternoon near Georgetown, Ky.

The tractor-trailer was hijacked Wednesday at the TA Truck Stop at the interchange of Interstate 71 and U.S 35. A few hours later, the tractor – or cab – portion of the rig was recovered in Clinton County on Ohio 72 near Interstate 71.

Fayette County Sheriff Vernon Stanforth said his office was contacted about the trailer portion of the rig being discovered at a truck stop in Scott County, Ky., about 3 p.m. Thursday.

When it was determined the vehicle had crossed state lines, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was notified and asked to become involved.

FBI representatives joined Scott County Sheriff’s deputies in recovering the missing trailer and now are interviewing witnesses to incidents surrounding the theft and recovery.

The contents of the trailer were missing when authorities discovered the vehicle.

According to law enforcement, the cargo consisted of an undisclosed amount of narcotic pharmaceuticals. The dollar amount of the drugs was not revealed.

The investigation and search for a suspect or suspects continues.  From the Chillicothe Gazette

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Arkansas Suspect Leaves Behind Cell Phone for Police

Forrest City police weren’t able to catch their man after a high-speed chase through town, but the cell phone he left behind gave away his identity.
The chase started just before 11 p.m. Monday after officers received a call about people “fighting in the street with guns,” police said. When police arrived, they managed to block one car from getting away. The man in that car spoke briefly with officers before speeding away – and the chase was on.
The man crashed his Toyota Camry into a house and ran away, police said. But as officers searched the car, the man’s cell phone rang and the caller asked for the suspect by name.
Officers said a search of the car uncovered a set of scales and two plastic bags, one containing marijuana and the other containing crack cocaine.
Police declined to name the man Tuesday but said they were still searching for him.  From
This story was better than an episode of “Cops”…..

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Virginia – Gas stolen: Thieves drive away in tankers from Prince George business

CARSON — Perhaps the lack of posted gas prices made them assume it was free.

As gas prices soared across the nation, at least two people made an illegal fill up of about 4,800 gallons of gasoline from a business in Prince George County early Sunday morning.

Lt. Brian Kei of Prince George County Police said the owner of Wilkerson Oil Company arrived at his business on the 20000 block of South Crater Road at 7 a.m. and discovered the lock to a storage area behind the main building broken. Upon entering the area, the man saw that two of his gasoline tankers were missing.

Evidence at the scene showed that both vehicles, two red International trucks, were hot wired and the tanks were filled to the brim with between $18,000 and $20,000 worth of gasoline before they were driven away, Kei said.

A Maryland State Police spokesman said a 2000 International truck was found at about 9:30 a.m. Sunday on Interstate 95 in Howard County, Md. near the Baltimore County line. It was abandoned after having a mechanical failure.

Maryland State Police processed the truck for fingerprints and released it back to the owner. Police are still searching for the second vehicle, a 1999 model International truck.

Terrorism has not been ruled out in the theft but commercial larceny is considered one of the most likely motives, Kei said.

Gasoline prices in the Tri-Cities averaged about $3.82 on Monday. The Associated Press reported the average price of gas has risen to $4.04 a gallon in the U.S., nearly a dollar more than a year ago.

Anyone with information related to the theft may call Crime Solvers at (804) 733-2777. From the Progress-Index

Just a reminder – not all fuel tanker thefts are related to fuel prices.  It is still a very good possibility terrorists will take advantage of the situation and steal tankers for nefarious purposes. 


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VIDEO – Barack Hussein Obama Supporters Steal Money to Pay Campaign Expenses

The thief wasn’t doing anything more that what Barack Hussein Obama has said he would do – take someone’s money and redistributing it where HE wanted it to go. Marxist redistribution of wealth.

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San Jose police bust huge criminal retailing rings

Using tool stores and luxury homes as fronts, a pair of San Jose crime families ran multimillion-dollar empires of stolen men’s razors, Oil of Olay, Pepcid AC and teeth brighteners like they were a shadow Safeway or a criminal Costco, according to law enforcement authorities.

The Le and Vo organizations are accused of buying truckloads of stolen merchandise from crews of freelance shoplifters, repackaging the products and then reselling them throughout the United States at an enormous profit . . . until this week.

The giant fencing organizations came tumbling down Wednesday when a joint task force arrested 17 people, including 11 in San Jose, on charges of federal money laundering and interstate transportation of stolen goods. They confiscated six semi-trucks loaded with $5.5 million in stolen property and – along with pallets of Tylenol and Oil of Olay – seized $140,000 in cash, gold bars, Mercedeses and diamonds. From the

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