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Walking on the American Flag is NOT Art!

From TexasFred – many thanks to Texas Fred for this and the graphic above.

This is from my good friend Dr. Bill Smith at ARRA News Service – Walking on the American Flag is Art, please click the link, read the story, watch the video, get involved, don’t just sit back and take this kind of crap…

Bill Smith, Editor, Update on Story – Below is the video of the disgraceful flag desecration project. Watch a heroic veteran take a stand. As a veteran – I was moved to tears. I located and interviewed the veteran. He is Charlie Bennett, Dist 4 Commander, Maine American Legion. He is Vietnam veteran having served (1967-1979). For 11 1/2 months, he was on the Cambodian border with the 4th Infantry Division, U.S. Army. Bennett is a proud supporter of protecting the American Flag. He shared that he did not mind the criticism by campus officials and was proud to take a stand, but that he almost cried when the police indicated they were going to arrest him. He had always faithfully served his country and was hurt to think he would be arrested for protecting the American Flag. Commander Bennett has received numerous phone calls by people encouraging him to continue and has been called by the local news. He welcomes interviews and can be reached at 207-778-2340. As of this post, Charlie Bennett is returning to the front lines (the university) today but this time with his own “parade flag” and a sign that says ” You won’t walk on this flag!” We hope that many students and other veterans will stand with him. Charlie our prayers are with you!

Please pass this video and info on to others and contact the Univ. of Maine Farmington and express your outrage! The two of the persons in the video supporting the flag desecration project are are University leaders: the University’s President, Theodora Kalikow (the old “witch” who is seen telling Bennett that the project of walking on the flag is defending free speech) and the University’s Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Allen Berger (the liberal educator who is seen telling Bennett that he (Bennett) didn’t fight for a piece of cloth). If Don’t expect agreement, but take time to express your Free Speech to Theodora Kalikow ( or 207-778-7256) and Allen Berger ( or 207-778-7276.

Much More Here:
Walking on the American Flag is Art

Many thanks to our friends at and ARRA NewsService for this post. It’s time we say enough is enough to those who disrespect our country and our flag. Graphic from Texas Fred.


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  1. Here is a copy of the email I sent to them:

    from: TexasFred
    date Apr 17, 2008 6:37 PM
    subject Walking on the American Flag is NOT Art!

    Saying “Our American First Amendment protections include the right to free speech and artistic expression, even speech that is repugnant and unpleasant and offensive” may give some asshat a ‘right’ to express himself like a fool but that doesn’t make it less offensive or socially correct…

    Many have fought and died so this cretin could show his total disrespect for the flag of our nation, you would think that some would exhibit the tact, decorum and RESPECT to not use this mockery in a pitiful attempt that was specifically designed with the express intent to offend and shock the American public…

    And then to have the BALLS to call it ART as a form of justification as they hide behind a thin veil of constitutional freedom??

    Shameful, totally shameful!

    Comment by TexasFred | April 17, 2008 | Reply

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